THREAT: California Rep. Waters Delivers DEVASTATING Message For Trump…


Democrats Call For Trump Impeachment

Maxine Waters | Photo Credit Variety

Rep. Maxine Waters of California is known for her vocal, often absurd, left-wing comments. However, her recent anti-Trump tweet is revealing. In the message, Waters wrote, “Get ready for impeachment.”

This isn’t the first time Waters has brought up impeachment, but this one refers to comments from FBI Director James Comedy about counterintelligence investigation and “coordination” between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign.

Waters has also referred to Trump’s team as a “bunch of scumbags.”

Waters Calls Trump “Liar”

President Trump | Photo Credit Scott Olson|Getty Images

According to Fox News Insider:

“Waters claimed last week that sexual allegations made against Trump in an unverified dossier were “absolutely true” and a month ago called members of the Trump team “a bunch of scumbags.”

“After the hearing yesterday, Waters called Trump a “liar,” and blasted Comey for also interfering in the election. She blamed the Russians and Comey for an overall “misinformation campaign that led to the election” of Trump.

Another Waters tweet read:

“My takeaways: Donald Trump is a liar and the FBI Director still has no credibility. He needs to also explain HIS interference in the election.”

On Fox & Friends, Laurea Ingraham reminded viewers that the Democrats will do anything to take away Trump’s credibility. They keep bringing up the nonsense rumors between Russia and Trump’s campaign.

“They want him out,” said Ingraham. “They want him to resign or be impeached. Let’s be really blunt with what’s going on here.”

Democrats Against Trump And FBI Director

President Trump | Photo Credit BBC


According to contributor Alex Diaz:

“Some have noted that Waters’ latest tweet also comes less than 24 hours after the directors of both the FBI and the National Security Agency confirmed to the House Intelligence Committee that they have seen no evidence to support President Trump’s claim that President Obama ordered the wiretapping of Trump Tower.

“In February, Waters suggested that the president was “leading himself to impeachment” over what she called his “unconstitutional” executive order on immigration. At the time, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer responded by suggesting that it’s comments like that one that make “you realize that [lawmakers] really missed the message that voters sent this November.”

Watch Fake News in action…


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  • Bill Tobias

    she’s the scumbag,,,,,if it were up to her and the rest of those Democratic nitwits this country would be broke, our debt would be in the scabillions, and we’d all be speaking arabic.

  • Maximus Commodus

    Let me tell you Mrs. Waters …… I have never seen such stupid person to be government in my entire life. You have problem to communicated in English language. And your IQ is equal to chicken. What hell you’re doing in US government. And person like you represent US of America to world. There a must be something wrong with your voters. Past 8 years you have been hibernating in US office. You deserve to be impeached for your stupidity on daily bases. And live Mr. Trump alone you didn’t vote for him but over 60 million people ………..SO, shut the fucked up

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