Secrets of a Great Pet-Owner


Getting a pet is a serious decision in one’s life. Sure, it’s not as drastic as starting a family, but many compare, or, rather, prepare for this by adopting a pet. Just to see how it’ll go. A test drive of sorts. Still, you have to keep in mind that this is a living, breathing creature you’re taking under your wing. Whether you simply wanted a dog for a long-long time or are in need of a companion – there are some basic steps that are imperative if you want to be a good pet-owner.

Healthcare and well-being

This is the most basic thing that you’re in charge of now. Your dog’s well-being is your duty (legal, as a matter of fact). Negligence here is unacceptable and everyone knows it. So, get regular appointments with the vet, groom your dog, vaccinate it and license it. The latter is not directly connected with the health but is important in case the dog gets lost. Brushing the dogs teeth and checking for fleas should become a routine from now on. Keeping tabs on all these activities will ensure great health for your pet, fewer visits to the vet and more visits to the park!


Even though it is essentially a part (or a subset) of well-being, we’ve decided to split this out, just to highlight its importance. Getting your regular, packed food is alright, obviously. But every dog is different! You must put together the perfect dietary regime to ensure perfect health and high energy for your pet. Check with your vet to get a full understanding of what you should feed your dog and how regularly. Constant access to clean water is a must, as well as delicious treats every once in a while!


Dogs are highly mobile beings. It’s not a sloth that you’ve adopted, it’s a dog! Don’t be bothered when they want to go out and chase squirrels – that’s what they are supposed to do. In fact, if you suppress your dog’s desire to use all its energy and deny an outlet for this – it may cause some serious illnesses. You can combine training and various outdoor activities, accomplishing two things at once. Your dog is well exercised and it also learns a trick or two. 

Get to know your pet

Once you get a pet – it’s a matter of weeks or months before you two become buddies. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn their likes and dislikes. Dogs have personalities too and it’s more fulfilling to tap into things they like, both for you and your pet. After some years you’ll be like an old couple – knowing everything there is to know about each other, but still deeply caring for one another.

Be responsible

As we’ve said at the beginning – adopting a dog is a major step in your life. You should be prepared to sacrifice time, energy, and money into this project. But we believe in you, because, hey, it is worth it in the end.