Rescue Of An Old Dog Who Waited 8 Years To Be Saved


Saving animals – rescue video of a brave senior dog who’s never lost hope that one day someone will come and save him. Howl Of A Dog rescued Charlie from a public shelter. This old dog has been only a statistic his whole life , no name, simply a number published on his ear tag. Charlie is around 8 years old and has had a tough life, never knowing affection or a kind word. He expended more than 2 years, confined to a cage, never being taken out for a walk. He was weak and emaciated, being unstable especially on his hind legs. His skin was awfully itchy from the bites caused by the thousands of fleas and lice hiding in his fur and he was scratching continuously.
He has made a beautiful recovery and he promises to reward his adoptive family with years of unconditional love and devotion.
He’s a very gentle dog, so friendly and loving with everyone.
He’s medium sized, approximately 18 kg( 40 lbs ), and has been neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated.
Charlie is in our care in Romania, but we also facilitate international adoptions to the USA, Canada and Europe: http :// adoption-procedure /~ ATAGEND
If you’d like to attain Charlie a part of your family and offer him all the love and care he deserves please email us on contact @howlofadog. org. Thank you!