You’ve Never Seen A Boston Terrier Play The Piano Like This Before


Sometimes it is just nice to stop what you are doing to watch some lovable pups playing. And, because everyone loves dog videos, here are a few for you to breathe in.

These Lovable Pups Enjoy Playing

beagles are lovable pups

When these puppies howl, it is so adorable.

Okay, confess! We know you have done this with your dog, are we right?

Huskies And The Babies They Love

The gentle gestures of these lovable pups make you believe in a perfect world. You know, where the animals lie down with each other, and everyone gets along. How sweet would that be?

Alaskan Malamute – This Is One Lovable Pup

Is there any dog more huggable than this one? Seriously, their furriness of these lovable animal has “cuddle me” written all over them. They love to play peek-a-boo with the children, babysit the little ones and of course, sneaking up on the babies! What!?!

Saint Bernards – Large Breed Dogs In Beautiful Friendships

These guys are music critics to the max, and they don’t mind letting you know. It seems like they enjoy being transportation for the children as well. 

The Boxer – Protective And Pacifying

Dogs are constantly licking babies’ faces. I for one, think it’s because they enjoy the leftover baby food. Just sayin’

Now I will say, you’re taking your life in your hands when you try to come between a Boxer and his baby.

Pit Bulls Love To Love Others

Whether it’s a cat, a stuffed animal, a human, or another dog, these pooches love to love others. and they really, really, really miss their deployed soldier parents. 

Boston Terrier – The Elevating And Ball Bouncing Dog

I think these dogs are related to Tigger from Winnie the Pooh because they are pouncy, trouncy, and bouncy dogs. Now, their singing has a lot of room for improvement or am I wrong? You decide.

Bulldog – Laid-Back, And Chill

You can’t help but giggle as this baby tells it like it is to her laid-back pooch. What do you think she’s saying?

Golden Retriever – Dog Pile Kings!

How do you teach a child to pet the dog nicely? Pet, the child of course!

There you go, which video was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. 

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