Grandmother Melani Andrews Shocks All by Adopting Most Unwanted Dog


This is a story about Jake…a senior rescue dog that wasn’t wanted by anyone. Things looked bleak for the 12-year-old mixed terrier. However, his story met a twist when Melani Andrews walked into the shelter. She wasn’t looking for a young dog. In fact, Melani Andrews was looking for the “oldest, least adoptable dog” in the shelter. And that is really where our story begins because of a woman who was opening her heart and home to an unwanted senior rescue dog.

A Grandmother Looking for a Companion

Melani Andrews and Jake smiling as he leaves the shelter. ©Front Street Animal Shelter

Before Melani Andrews decided on her rescue dog, she’d been struggling through several years of loss. At 72 years old, Andrews had already lost her husband of 35 years, followed shortly by her beloved Staffordshire Terrier named Lola.

Lola had been a huge comfort for her for many years. The dog had helped Andrews, who resides in Galt, California, through many hard times including the loss of her husband. That is why Lola’s death was a devastating blow to her.

Realizing their grandmother was depressed, her grandkids knew that it was time for a change. Andrews admitted to The Dodo, “I was feeling down and a little depressed.” Adding, “My grandkids came over one night, and they said, ‘Grandma, you need somebody to keep you company. You can’t just sit around here all by yourself.”

She knew her grandkids were right but decided to adopt a dog her own way. When adopting, many people go to shelters looking for younger dogs or even puppies. However, senior dogs are often overlooked. In fact, senior dogs spend more time in shelters than any other age of abandoned and homeless dogs.

Andrews, however, decided to make a difference when she walked into the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California.  Once there, she asked for the least adoptable dog.

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