These Little Known Secrets Will Help You Communicate Better With Your Dog


If loving her was enough to understand your dog’s needs, there would be no unhappy dogs –period. Alas, it is not. Therefore, here are a few tips to help you supply well-balanced communication to connect with your pup on her level.

Well-Balanced Communication Requires Time And Patience

well-balanced communication seldom uses words

Have you gotten down on the floor with your dog? 

What did she do? 

I’m going to take a leap here and guess she got excited and began crawling all over you, am I right? 

So, how did you respond to her? 

If you allowed your pup to smell your breath, smell your hair, and yes, smell your “other” places, chances are you became closer to her than you were before.

When we move down to our dog’s level, we begin to speak a language she understands –and patience plays a big part. I’ve mentioned in earlier articles how important smell is to your dog. 

In this case, once your girl gets a whiff of the complete you, she imprints with you. Once she does, you become her favorite person, because, she gets you.

You will discover your dog’s behavior may change slightly; she may become more in tune with your mood. In these cases, you will experience your dog desiring to snuggle more, or being more attentive to how you feel. I’ve witnessed my dogs doing this; they sometimes howl softly if I’m crying. 

Have you experienced this?

Balanced communication allows you both to sense what the other needs; whether it’s to go for a walk, to have her tummy rubbed, or for her to cuddle with you. A synergy occurs when you meet your dog where she lives, on the floor, and you give her time to know you better. 

Don’t Treat Your Dog Like A Person

playing is a form of communicating to your dog

A key to a well-balanced communication structure with your dog is to treat her like a dog, not a human. Dog’s don’t think like humans, they don’t eat like humans, they don’t even sleep like humans, therefore, treating them like dogs is the healthy way to go. 

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Here are a few more communication tips for you and your pup.