When Your Dog Is Terrified Of Thunderstorms, Use This 1 Trick


When thunder rolls and lightning strikes your dog’s fear of thunderstorms will be revealed. Take a look at these practical tips to prepare for the worst and calm things down.

It’s not uncommon to see dogs hide under beds or even in bathtubs trying to escape from the onslaught of thunder and lightning. Some dogs go into a total panic attack running away from the noise, even to the point of hurting themselves or others. Dog’s senses are so keen they can feel storm’s approaching. Therefore, you can see signs of their anxiety before the storm can even be heard. But never fear! Though thunderstorms may instill fear in your dogs, each one can be helped to feel calmer through all the noise and flashing lightning.

Keep Yourself Calm Before and During Thunderstorms


Dogs smell in parts per billion, so they sense if you are fearful or uncomfortable with storms. To the best of your ability, it is important to reflect a calm, matter-of-fact attitude. If your dog shows any timidity, invite him to stay close while distracting him with activities like ball-play. This is very important, do not use a sympathetic voice to calm him down during thunderstorms. It sounds more like praise and may trigger an increase his nervousness and confusion.

Create A Safe Place During Thunderstorms For Your Dog!

Dogs feel safe in their own space. Whether it is in a crate, kennel or near you in a dog bed, dogs need a place to go when thunderstorms hit. Lead them to their safe place if you detect anxiety or nervousness in your dog. Our dogs will go to bed throughout the day because they feel comfortable there. Don’t introduce someplace new during a storm. Forcing a dog to go where they don’t feel safe in storms will intensify their anxiety.

Close The Curtains To Create A Den-LIke Area.

Close any open windows and curtains to make a safe interior environment. Turn on the television to a favorite show or play some music that you enjoy. This doubles your efforts, as it calms you and your dog in the process. These are all great tips to practice throughout your everyday life whether you have thunderstorms or not.

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