Watch Hilarious “Would You Rather” With Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan!


Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton managed to throw some hilarious shade at each other in a game of “Would You Rather.” The game is exactly what it sounds like. Each person asks a question with two options, and usually the options aren’t great. So your partner has to decide which of the undesirable options they’d like. And for Shelton and Bryan, the best part wasn’t their answers but their snarky quips in-between. 

“Would You Rather…”

would you rather
Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan (photo from Sounds Like Nashville)

The first question was from Bryan to Shelton. Which song would you rather listen to on repeat for 24 hours, “Country Girl (Shake it For Me)” or “Rain Is A Good Thing?” Shelton wanted to know if there were other options. There weren’t. So he decided to narrow it down by category. “I’m trying to think which one of ’em is country. Neither one of them really,” he chided Bryan. So which did Blake decide? 

“Rain Is A Good Thing.” He said that it “objectified women less than “Country Girl.” Because Shelton has always been such a women’s rights activist. 

But Bryan got his revenge. He had to decide if he would rather listen to “Boys Round Here” or “Ole Red” for 24 hours straight. Shelton was sure to mention that he sings both of those. Bryan appeared to be confused. “Ole Red… that was a song of yours?” Bryan decided on “Ole Red” because he “liked the dog song.”

Nice Ad-Libs, Boys

would you rather
Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton (photo from Pinterest)

When Bryan‘s turn came again he managed to ad-lib quite nicely. “Would you rather go 10 days without showering (which you do regularly, anyway), or 10 days without drinking (followed by an epic eye roll)?” Bryan was quite certain he knew the answer to this one, so he didn’t even have Shelton answer it. 

Shelton then asked Bryan, “Would you rather go day drinking with Dierks Bentley or go day drinking with Little Big Town?” Good question. Scroll down to the video below to get the answer to that one.

Boys Will Be Boys

would you rather
Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton (photo from Just Jared)


Bryan and Shelton enjoy a friendship that has awesome chemistry. The two are the perfect blend of dry humor mixed with adolescent-teasing that is fantastic to watch. You can see their entire interaction and all of their answers in the video below.