WATCH: Fans Are Obsessed With Brett Eldredge And THIS Puppy Love Story


They say it’s a dog’s life. This is especially true if you’re Edgar, Brett Eldredge’s amazingly adorable pooch! Eldredge adopted Edgar as a puppy. And now he has all sorts of stories about taking him on the road, Edgar’s loyal fan base, and of course, serenading that sweet puppy face.

Please don't take my sunshine away…

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Fans and Serenades

Funnily enough, Eldredge never saw himself as a dog guy. In an interview with Paw Culture, he discussed how he and Edgar came to be, and what it’s been like having him on the road. 

Eldredge said he never had a dog when he was growing up, but always wanted one. So he waited until the time was right. Once it was, he adopted the adorable Weimaraner/Vizsla mix when the pup was just 8 weeks old. And then he took Edgar out on the road with him. 

It was instant love. 

I never thought I’d be the guy that was the dog guy like I am now,” Eldredge said to Paw Culture. “It’s a special kind of love. He’s a pretty great pup.” Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Eldrege is such a romantic guy at heart. He has more love ballads than country stars of twice his tenure, so it wasn’t hugely surprising that Edgar received such affection.

Eldredge said that Edgar now has his own loyal following. Crowds cheer for him when he comes on stage. And Eldredge loves having Edgar as his private audience. The serenading began when Edgar was still a pup. (You can hear Eldredge singing “You Are My Sunshine” above.)

Edgar’s even been on the scene as Eldredge’s Valentine (see video below).

Heres My valentines song To: you Love: Brett and @edgarboogie

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Eldredge stated that though Edgar is a wonderful companion, the experience hasn’t come without a few challenges

Potty training while on a tour bus, for example. He said that he crate-trained Edgar and this is where he sleeps. If Edgar wakes up at night and needs to go potty, the bus driver stops and they take him out. 

He also said that he purchased some special earphones for Edgar so that he can be on stage without the noise damaging his hearing. And then once, Edgar broke a toe and had to wear a cast and a cone for several weeks–which did not please Edgar at all! 

All-in-all though, Eldredge wouldn’t change it for the world! “I get off stage singing in front of thousands of people and then I get on my bus from all that energy and then nobody’s there. So having him on the bus when I get off stage and all that affection and love is great. You have a buddy that is always there for you. That’s what Edgar is for me. It’s pretty awesome.”