Miranda Lambert’s 5 Rules for A Perfect Country Home


The Perfect Country Home

perfect country home
Miranda Lambert (photo from MirandaLambert.com)

Native Texan Miranda Lambert knows a thing or two about country hearth and home. This down-home Southern chic is all about living the country life, right down to the sweet tea. In an interview with Country Living, Lambert gave some insights into what makes a perfect country home. And the best part? Most of them are pretty simple.

1. Southern hospitality

Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert reaching out to Brooke from stage (photo from Country 106.5 WYRK)

Country life is all about coziness. It’s about friends, family, and simple pleasure. So Miranda’s first rule for a perfect country home? Give it warmth by making it an inviting place to be. And that means Southern hospitality. 

“When you visit someone in the country, they better offer you a glass of iced tea—in a Mason jar, of course. It’s cliché because it’s true. Some of my best conversations have happened over the clink-clink of iced tea in a jar. It’s the soundtrack of country life.”

2. A front porch is magic

perfect country home
Miranda Lambert (photo from savingcountrymusic.com)

Anyone who’s ever watched the sun go down from the steps of a front porch, or watched rain come in while slowly swinging on a porch swing, knows the magic of that place. A front porch is a gathering place. It’s a place to relax and read or enjoy nature. It’s inviting. Too many neighborhoods now just have back decks. But look at older neighborhoods and country homes–they’re all about the front porch. 

And Miranda knows just how essential her front porch is to her. “I write best when I’m home on my porch with my guitar,” she shared. “There’s something calming about looking out at wide-open spaces and trees as far as you can see. The country is perfect for letting your mind drift to a creative place.”

3. A free spirit

perfect country home
Miranda Lambert (photo from keanradio.com)

One of Miranda’s tips for a perfect country home is just to let it flow. Don’t make it too structured. Because country life is all about what’s real and organic–and those things are pretty free-flowing. She advised to let that spirit guide your decorating. For her, it’s not a home decorated with tins and chicken plates, but it’s a Bohemian-inspired look.

“I’m inspired by the free-spirited decorating style of the Junk Gypsies. They’re about empowering women and being creative and embracing yourself. Sometimes I think people second-guess themselves, like ‘It’s too much color or it’s too big or too loud.’ They’re the queens of ‘It doesn’t have to match,’ and I love that. My decorating mantra is ‘What would the Gypsies do?'”

4. Animal friendly

perfect country home
Miranda Lambert with her furry friends (Photo from bark box on Pinterest

Part of the appeal to living in the country is that you can have all kinds of animals. And anyone who follow’s Miranda’s life knows what a huge heart she has for animals. So of course, no country home would be perfect in her eyes without lots of furry companions. 

When Lambert and Blake Shelton were married, they built a home together. And she remembered how she only focused on the pet rooms. “A friend of mine recently said, ‘I can see your Pinterest boards, and all you have on there are dog rooms.’ My husband [singer Blake Shelton] and I have 15 rescue animals, and I spend way too much time planning our pets’ spaces. I’m like, okay, I probably need to move on to the laundry room!”

She’s no longer married to Shelton, of course, but she still has all the dogs!

5. It’s actually imperfect

perfect country home
Miranda Lambert (photo from cmt.com)

More than anything else, Lambert stressed that what makes a country home perfect is the love inside it. Her words about her childhood home were really moving.

“Growing up, my house was basically condemned when we got it, but my mother was determined to make it awesome. It had mismatched carpet, and the halls were creaky. But those little things that were imperfect were what made it perfect,” she revealed. “It’s funny, because I had friends with really nice houses—with pools!—and they always wanted to come to our house. I think our home just had love. I think that’s why country music resonates with so many people. It’s not about being perfect. It’s real.”

So there are Lambert‘s 5 rules for a perfect country home. And they are things most all of can incorporate in some way to make our homes more inviting, more real, and more relaxed. That sounds like a great plan.