The Top 10 Moments When Miranda Lambert Was As Hot As A Texas Summer


She may take a lot of grief about her weight but the fact is that Miranda Lambert is smokin’ hot. She may look more stereotypically beautiful since she lost 20 pounds, but she has never been anything but gorgeous. And we have the pictures to prove it. Here are 10 times the Texas native was as hot as the heat of summer in her home state.

10. Pink Edge

Miranda Lambert, hot, Texas
Miranda Lambert (photo from Glamour)

When Blake Shelton divorced Miranda Lambert in 2015, it was a tough year for her. And it didn’t help matters that Shelton announced his new relationship with Gwen Stefani on the day of the CMA Awards. So Lambert showed up on the red carpet with pink-tipped ends. This was widely believed to be a middle finger to Blake and Gwen, given that the No Doubt front-woman used to wear pink in her hair. And Lambert looked ridiculously stunning with it. Notably, it was the only time (to our knowledge) that she ever wore it.

9. Lady In Red

Miranda Lambert, hot, Texas
Miranda Lambert (photo from Whiskey Riff)

You don’t often catch Miranda Lambert in red but holy smokes does she sizzle in it! First of all, blonds in red is a jaw-droppingly hot combination. And with her skin-tone, she completely pulls it off. Her hair is also a slightly warmer shade of blonde than she often wears. The caramel in it really blends well with the tone of the shirt. It’s an altogether striking photo. She should definitely wear scarlet more often. 

8. Opry Queen

Miranda Lambert, photo, Texas, hot
Miranda Lambert (photo from Grand Ole Opry)

Lambert’s Grand Ole Opry photo is breathtaking. The photo has a fairly monochromatic color scheme, which completely showcases Miranda’s green eyes. She also has a sophistication here that you don’t always see in her. But it’s an incredibly beautiful portrait of the Texas star. (And the rather noticeable cleavage doesn’t hurt).

7. Ice Princess

Miranda Lambert, photo, Texas, hot
Miranda Lambert (photo from Contactmusic)

Lambert often opts for dresses that have a more revealing front, and her princess dress is no exception. It’s interesting how well this combination works, given the many pieces of it. Her sleek hair is an interesting contrast with her ballgown. It certainly helps give it a more sophisticated look. And the amount of skin showing at the top is almost scandalous. It’s one of the few instances in which an otherwise Disney princess dress manages to actually look hot.

6. Classic Beauty

Miranda Lambert, photo, Texas, hot
Miranda Lambert (photo from InStyle)

With smokey eyes and a soft neutral lip, Miranda Lambert seems to be borrowing from Carrie Underwood‘s playbook. However, Lambert’s makeup is still softer than what we traditionally see with Underwood. She pairs the classic look with a simple, but stunning, black dress. Because honestly, is there anything more hot than a little black dress? She also wears toned down jewelry to let the dress do the talking. It’s one of her more simple looks but it works extremely well for her.

5. Hot At Any Size

Miranda Lambert, photo, Texas, hot
Miranda Lambert arrives at the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 10, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. (photo from Huffington Post)

Many people may argue that Lambert is significantly hotter since her slim down, but we will always say that she was still beautiful. This photo was from the 2013 Grammy Awards, arguably when Lambert was at her heaviest. Though her face is certainly fuller with the weight, she is nothing short of gorgeous. Her dress is simple and her statement earrings play well with her green eyes. The look still works for her. And it shows that hot isn’t a dress size.

4. Leather and Sparkle

Miranda Lambert, photo, Texas, hot
Miranda Lambert (photo from Wikilegs)

Carrie Underwood doesn’t have the market cornered on looking hot in shorts. Here Miranda pairs some of the classic country elements, such as rhinestones and leather, with a very sexy modern edge. Her corset clearly defines her trimmed-down waist. And it also clearly highlights her rather ample cleavage. Add that to a tiny pair of black leather shorts and shiny silver cowboy boots and it’s a smoking hot look. It also illustrates what Lambert meant when she said she was proud to be a “normal-sized girl.” Though her waist is svelte and her hips are small, she isn’t altogether tiny. Once again, she shows that hot isn’t a size.

3. Natural Beauty

Miranda Lambert, photo, Texas, hot
Miranda Lambert (photo from OK! Magazine)

In the movie Steel Magnolias, Dolly Parton’s character says “there is no such thing as natural beauty.” But we beg to differ. Lambert is seen here looking quite the natural beauty. Her black and silver outfit is simple. She wears statement earrings and just one statement ring. And though she isn’t completely without makeup, it is minimal. Her natural elements shine through, and she looks completely radiant. Though she does all-out glam extremely well, she makes this minimalist approach look effortless.

2. CMA Striking

Miranda Lambert, photo, Texas, hot
NASHVILLE, TN – NOVEMBER 08: Singer-songwriter Miranda Lambert attends the 51st annual CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on November 8, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Last year’s CMA Awards gave us one of the softest– and most beautiful– looks we have seen on Lambert. Her ice-blue gown perfectly accentuated her tiny waist, and laid perfectly as it reached the floor. Though there was some detailing the bodice, it was a relatively simple gown. And her cleavage, though present, was not nearly as much on display as it often it. The dress left much more to the imagination. Her makeup was also soft. She certainly opted for a smokey eye but it wasn’t at all harsh. And the nude lip paired beautifully. For a girl who is often pretty in-your-face with both attitude and look, this was a much softer Lambert. She looked so stunning, it was no wonder she was at the top of everyone’s best-dressed list of the night.

1. Iconic Country Queen

Miranda Lambert, photo, Texas, hot
Miranda Lambert (photo from

For our money, this is the most gorgeous photo of Miranda Lamber you will find. There is just so much about it to love. First of all, the lighting accentuates her bone structure, highlighting her beautiful cheekbones. Her eyes appear darker, but they have a look of depth and thought. And you can almost see the pain of some of her last years in her expression. Yet she stands tall, the stage lights radiating behind her. Holding her guitar, her blond hair falling across her shoulder, fringe hanging from her sleeves, she is literally the embodiment of a country queen. This picture could be from 1945 or 2045, because it will always be beautifully timeless.

So there you have it. 10 times Miranda Lambert was as hot as a Texas summer.