WATCH: Fans Go Crazy When Luke Bryan Does THIS


Luke Bryan isn’t going to let anyone steal his show. One of his concerts included Bryan engaging in a dance-off with a handsome young cowboy. Not about to be up-staged, Bryan threw down and took home the prize– as well as the heart of every girl in the crowd.

dance off
Luke Bryan knows how to shake it! (Photo from Whiskey Riff)

Cowboy Dance Off

If you’ve ever seen Luke Bryan perform live, then you know the insane electric energy of the crowd. Bryan knows just how to harness that energy. He’s an amazing performer.

At this particular show, he decided to really engage his audience. During his performance of his smash hit “Country Girl (Shake It For Me)”, Bryan slowed down a bit and looked out into the swath of fans. Calling out to them, he asked if anyone could “shake it” with him. After some banter with an eager volunteer, a handsome cowboy was let onto the stage. 

Looking at the chiseled frame wearing a loose tank and jeans (and cowboy hat, of course), Bryan tells him, “Clay, don’t let me down, son. Because, if you can’t dance, I’m gonna really show your ass up.”

Clay, the hot young cowboy, began the dance-off, laying down his best moves–Chippendale-style. Not only did Clay’s moves look like a striptease with serious butt shakes and body rolls, but he even stripped off his tank top to reveal more muscles.

Looking at Bryan, Clay challenged him to dance with him (which Bryan refused). Then Clay challenged Bryan to show him up. It was like “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” but with dancing instead of fiddles.

And Luke wasn’t about to ‘give the devil his due.” In fact, he decided to make good on his promise to “really show [his] ass up!” You can watch the entire interaction in the footage below.

Not Impressed

Bryan was anything but impressed with Clay’s moves. He schooled the young kid, telling Clay he was “too excited.” Then he showed him how it’s done. 

Bryan’s crew rolled out a short flight of stairs onto the stage. Bryan climbed to the top and began to sing “Country Girl” again. And as he did, he showed off some seriously impressive veteran dance moves. The crowd went wild. 

There was no doubt as to the winner of the cowboy dance-off. Let that be a lesson to anyone who tries to show up the amazingly sexy and talented Luke Bryan.