The Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert Feud Is On Fire Again; This Time, It’s Personal


In what has become the longest feud in country music history since the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are back in the thick of it.  It’s not exactly like the two have ever really stopped fighting since their 2015 divorce. They both take shots at each other on a pretty consistent basis. And now enter two new players, Evan Felker and Stacy Felker. Thanks to these new developments in Miranda Lambert’s love life, the feud recently reignited on a whole new level. This time it is personal–really personal.

The Backstory: Miranda Lambert Moves on

Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Evan Felker, feud, Stacy Felker
Miranda Lambert (photo from Whiskey Riff)

Miranda Lambert is a bit of moving target in the love life department.

She began dating Anderson East just a few months after her divorce from Blake Shelton. And it was rumored at the time that the reason she and Shelton divorced is because she was cheating. With whom never became clear.

Her relationship with East seemed pretty serious–they often showed up at the other’s concerts and collaborated on several songs together. But despite that fact, Lambert joked in an interview with Redbook that she had cut men out of her life. An odd thing to say when you’re posting Instagram photos of you cuddling with your boyfriend.

Then earlier this year, rumors began to fly that Lambert and East had called it quits. This was after Anderson East made some incredibly sweet comments about the “Highway Vagabond” singer. “There’s a true admiration there and a large level of understanding on both sides, for sure. It’s always difficult to be a traveling musician and still keep things together. Understanding is definitely a huge factor,” he said in a January 2018 interview.

So that was also a bit odd. And neither Lambert or East ever confirmed it. Lambert simply showed up solo at the 2018 ACM Awards. And when she won Female Vocalist of the Year (again), her acceptance speech was pretty short. “Thank you guys so much for sharing my broken heart with me,” she said. People more or less assumed she meant her split from Shelton, as her The Weight of These Wings was really her side of that story.

But then again, maybe she was referencing her split from Anderson East. But given the new events, it seems unlikely. Because it turns out she was already moving on.

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