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3 country artists who are also authors

By C. Murph | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-24

Reading is one of the great summer past times. The combo of a good book, a hammock, and a cold one might be the best there is.

Google has attempted to count the number of books in the world and came up with nearly 130 million. That’s more books than you could read in 10 lifetimes. So how can you choose which ones to read? Why not look to country music!

Many country artists have authored books, despite the fact that it can take anywhere from a year to several years. Some country artists put that time in, writing books on top of their already busy schedules.

Music is a powerful way to tell stories. In fact, a lot of country songs are blatant stories. Here are three country artists who also wrote books, and did quite well actually.


country artist author
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In Jewel’s A Night Without Armor (1999), you’ll find deep thoughts and stories about growing up in Alaska and embracing fame. It became a New York Times bestseller. But she’s used to being on top of charts; her album Pieces Of You (1995) climbed to the Billboard 200 for an entire two years.

“Kilcher’s poetry is competent and sometimes evocative,” says a review in AV Club, “Most obviously in her barbed short poems—but her age and relative lack of experience show.”

Steve Earle

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Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Steve Earle set aside his guitar for a moment while he tried his hand at authoring. He wrote 11 stories about the Vietnam War, drug addiction, and being a musician and called it Doghouse Roses (2001).

A review in published in The Guardian says, “Earle’s stories…cover blushing emotions you’d expect from an author who sold the computer that contained his first novel for crack.”

Willy Vlautin

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In The Motel Life (2006), Willy Vlautin (frontman of alt-country band Richmond Fontaine) tells the story of two brothers who live in sketchy motels, bounce from odd job to odd job, and can’t keep their hands of the bottle. The debauchery leads to one of the brothers accidentally running over a boy on a bike.

This isn’t a feel-good book, but, as the New York Times says about it, “The relationship between [the brothers] is sparely sketched, sometimes maddeningly so, but it has an undeniable self-effacing sweetness.”

What are some of your favorite books? Were they written by musicians? Tell us below and share with everyone!

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C. Murph

C. Murph is a freelance writer who lives in Pennsylvania.

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