Start Here for a Can-Do Exercise Routine with the Grandkids


If you had to go to the gym to start an exercise program, you probably wouldn’t go. Me neither. But if you could start an exercise routine at home with the grandkids–that may be a option. 

Exercise routine with grandkids

Many of us are past the days of lifting, carrying and chasing around our grandkids but more purposeful motion can do the job. 

If we have little ones to rock, we can push our feet into the floor to work our calves and thighs. The good thing about rocking is we can stop to rest naturally and begin again without changing positions.

Do you have a little guy or gal who loves to play catch? Tossing back and forth a playground ball keeps your arms, shoulders and upper back in motion. It’s also good for balance. 

Drop the ball to the ground and take turns kicking it against a fence to increase your playful workout.

Is that old bicycle still in the garage? Dust it off and enjoy a ride with your two-wheeling grandkids. Start with a spin around the block and build from there. Soon, you may be peddling a few miles at a time.

Walking the dog or just walking each other has great cardiovascular benefits and gets you out in the fresh air. It’s also one of the best places for good conversation.

Is there a pool nearby? Swimming puts your entire body in motion without having to bear your weight. It’s great for stressed joints and muscles and you can hold to the side, gently bicycling your legs to your heart’s content. You may even get a friendly race started.

Gym equipment without the gym


Exercise routine with grandkids

Some people buy treadmills and stationary bikes only to have them collect dust and get in the way. However, if you have the discipline to use them as planned, you can share this time with your grandkids, too.

Ask your grandchild to read to you as you walk or ride. Or watch a favorite children’s show together as you remain in motion. Then join them on the sofa for a cool down.

An exercise routine can be anything that gets us moving. Just 150 minutes per week or 20 minutes each day should do the trick. And when the grandkids are around, they’ll take out the grueling and put in the grand.