Emotional Healing To Help You Break Free From Negativity


Has your home turned into a war zone? Do you worry about saying the wrong things in case there is an argument? It’s all too easy to attract the wrong people into your life and living in a volatile environment is just not healthy. You will feel resentful and fatigued. If this sounds all-too familiar, you may need emotional healing.

emotional healing

Relationships and emotional healing

Let’s assume that your relationship is more than a little difficult at times. Perhaps you are with someone who lacks understanding or, who does not consider your emotional needs. Perhaps your partner is disparaging of the things you do, and this may lead you to second-guess decisions or, to rethink how you manage life on a day to day basis. Or, perhaps your partner is manipulative and controlling? Either way, living in this type of environment is damaging to your emotional health and self-esteem. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of trying to smooth the cracks in the hope that this will improve things. But, always remember, it takes two to make any relationship work, you cannot hope to do this on your own.

emotional healing

Your partner may not be deliberately awkward or uncaring, but, if unsupportive and you feel that there is something missing, you have a duty of care to your own needs. Sometimes, people are just mismatched and at other times, people are abusive, if, not physically, but emotionally. Everyone’s relationship is different but, if you are constantly treading on eggs shells and your home environment is less than nurturing now, you need time to heal.  

Emotional healing – decide when the war is over

There is nothing worse than living in a volatile environment. It changes you and seeps inside the fabric of who you are. It makes you less confident and happiness often ebbs away. Turbulent relationships detract, they rarely give. You may also feel isolated on so many levels. Your emotional welfare is so important, and you have a responsibility to care for yourself. There comes a point when living in a hostile environment must be resolved. The problem with a war zone is that there are no winners. Whatever the reasons for the cracks in the foundations of your relationship, they exist for a reason. They make you tread carefully and you may dread or fear emotional outbursts or unkind comments .

The importance of your emotional health

Your emotional health forms an intrinsic part of you. It’s just as important as physical health and it can be damaged in multiple ways. If you have started questioning yourself, or, if you just feel unappreciated or under-valued, then, you must start to protect your emotional well-being. If you feel less of a person than you did before, you need support. Or, if you feel the essence of you is buried deep inside, you need emotional healing so that you can re-emerge. This takes time but it’s essential.

Emotional healing solutions

emotional healing

Whatever your personal situation, it is so important that you regain your inner harmony, health and happiness. You deserve this. We all do. When you endure a relationship that is toxic, it poisons every aspect of your feelings but, its reach is extensive. Little by little, this poison seeps into your heart, your mind and affects health too. It’s difficult to see your relationship with complete clarity when you live with volatility and yes, it’s almost impossible to reach a solution when you are caught up within the confines of a troubled relationship.

The heart may wish to hold on, your emotions may be raw and yes, it’s painful but deep within, there will come a time when you need to search for solutions. It’s time to think with your mind and not your heart if you wish to start the healing process.

While there may be many practical considerations to consider, you do need to progress with plans. It may be that the relationship has a chance of working, or perhaps, counseling could be useful, either way, you have to make that call. Perhaps you want to remain within the home or are prepared to move on, these are important factors to consider.  These are decisions that can only be made by you but, do not forget the importance of self-healing before you make life-changing decisions.

Unless, the situation is so volatile, and you are in danger or, simply cannot cope with the atmosphere anymore, decide to build up your emotional well-being and make plans. This way, you can make decisions with confidence.  This could mean regaining your sense of self, regaining your sense of identity or self-esteem. You may wish to de-stress, relax, use herbs to boost your immune health, or, try yoga to heal your physical self. You may desire a return to inner peace and harmony and know that you will never achieve this if you remain as you are. If sleep is an issue, use relaxation techniques to help your slumber.  

practicing meditation, being mindful of your breathing

Emotional healing starts here

There is a wealth of things that you can do to start preparing yourself for the changes ahead. There are many layers of healing necessary of course, so set your mind in preparation as these changes can be terrifying.

It’s important to:

Fine-tune your decision-making skills.

Regain mental clarity

Consider the practical elements

Shake free from stress

When you start to make decisions, the healing process begins. Try to reduce some of the stressors around you and this will immediately start to take some of the pressures away from you. These might be niggling little irritants that are easy to resolve and by eradicating them from your life, you will find you have more space in which to breathe easily. Cultivating your inner happiness and well-being must be high on your list. It’s easy to lose your sense of humor or zest for life when you feel emotionally battered and bruised. It is important that you work on your sense of self before you make any drastic decisions, unless, it’s impossible to remain where you are.

Meditation for emotional healing

Most people do not think about emotional healing and meditation together, but it works so beautifully in this respect. Meditation can be used to help relax mind, body and spirit and will enable you to de-stress. The chances are that you will feel a great deal of tension in your body. In fact, you may feel like a coiled spring. Headaches, unsettled stomach, irritability, these are all classic signs of stress and meditation can help. Often, unhealthy symptoms associated with stress start to creep into your life. You may not even be aware of it. This is the problem when we live in an unhealthy or stressful environment. Stress starts to become the norm and it’s just not recognized.

Meditation to heal heart and mind

The beauty of meditation is that it is possible to heal the mind. It’s also a wonderful way to provide space and clarity within the mind and to protect the energy of the heart. You can use meditation to offset stress, negative energies or conversations around you but, note that it takes time to practice and to develop the ability to tap into this healing state at will. Use meditation to protect you emotionally.

emotional healing

Meditation for emotional protection

Visualize a transparent bubble around you. Visualize it shimmering in the sunlight. You can see it resonate and know that it is there. Know that you are protected. In times of need, recall this shimmering bubble and reinforce it, this reassures you that no cruel words can break through your defenses.  

Use meditation to increase confidence

When you practice meditation, you can use it instinctively for those areas of life which require it the most. For confidence, visualize yourself looking vibrant and strong. It can take time to perfectly visualize an image of self but persevere. Notice how happy and confident you look. Try to recall moments of pure happiness where you felt truly at peace with yourself. Use meditation to start healing emotional wounds. Visualize yourself open to healing from the energy of the Universe and imagine these wounds healing from the inside out. Practice breathing techniques to send life-giving oxygen around your body healing every cell and replenishing every fiber of your being.

Use meditation for inner angst

Use meditation techniques to work out deeply-buried issues. Perhaps previous traumatic experiences and buried emotions have led you to this point right now. Often, we do not face up to emotional traumas. We run or hide from them and we bury them as quickly as we can. These unresolved issues have a habit of surging to the surface when least expected. Or, they direct the pathway of our lives, on a subconscious level. This means we attract the same type of person to us without doing so deliberately. Visualize yourself letting go of past regrets, unresolved issues, or, deeply buried emotional pain. Make this visualization intense but cathartic. You need to feel the release.

emotional healing


Meditation is incredibly powerful, and it can be used in multiple ways as depicted. Use it to create and strengthen the foundations ready for change. It becomes your armor, your arsenal and your ticket to a better life. You deserve happiness and inner peace but you have to decide when to take those steps.