Rest And Relaxation Ideas For A Spa Day At Home With Your Grandkids


Looking for a fun way to enjoy a holistic health spa experience? Try one at home with the grandkids. You can massage each other for relaxation.

Holistic health spa at home

First, light a few fragrant candles–lavender or green tea are good choices to calm the senses. Make sure to keep them out of reach of little hands.

Second, choose some tranquil music. You may like the sounds of nature, such as waves on a beach or a trickling brook. If you have a favorite instrumental CD, that would work, too.

Next, start the home massage. Take turns kneading your backs, arms, and legs. Little fingers and toes are good at digging in and yours have been good at rubbing tummies and backs for years. 

Use some fragrant oils or lotions, if you wish, to make contact easier and to build warmth. If oils are too messy try some all-natural lotions. Once again, lavender is a good choice for relaxation.

Add a little storytelling to your personalized massage. Make one up or retell an old favorite as you rub your grandchild’s back. Remember, the idea is to calm, soothe and relax. So, keep it low key and pleasing.  

Try a hand or foot massage

holistic health spa at home

Once you’ve both enjoyed the quiet aspects of your home spa, try the invigorating. Bring out the energizing foot creams. Peppermint and eucalyptus are great for inviting moisture and giggles. And they’ll help to slough away dead cells.

Hand creams are fun with our grandkids. We can drop a dollop onto one of ours and one of our grandson’s or daughters. Then clasp hands and rub it in. Use your favorite moisturizing lotion with a delicate fragrance such as honey-suckle or vanilla.

Now, it’s time to march around the living room. You’ve been rubbed, moisturized and invigorated. It’s time to turn up the circulation even more for the grand finale. 

Spend at least fifteen minutes moving about to music with a moderate beat. It may be a good time to introduce one of your favorite, classic country artists or to listen to some rousing jazz.

Holistic spa day at home bears repeating next month–especially with the grandkids.