Fans Are Predicting One Person Will Get Negan’s Iron Next…


Negan Burns Bright In “Sing Me A Song”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

On The Walking Dead, Negan has his own brand of punishment. Not only do we see him murder Glenn and Abraham with a barbed-wire baseball bat, but we also see him beat on his people.

In Season 7’s “Sing Me A Song,” Negan punishes Mark (Griffin Freeman) for sleeping with one of his wives, Amber (Autumn Dial). Not only did this show his unusual brand of so-called justice, but it also revealed how Dwight’s face got to be the way that it is.

Later, Negan even killed Dr. Carson for a similar action, but it wasn’t justified.

Greg Nicotero Creates Iron Scene

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rosemary Rodriguez directed “Sing Me A Song,” but Greg Nicotero was still on hand to create the makeup effects. This meant creating something to look like a man’s face was melting off due to a scorching iron.

For many of the scenes, they go back and add some gruesome CGI effects, but Nicotero is always there for the first 90 percent. The same effects are used when a walker is sliced, stabbed, or shot.

But this makes us wonder, who will Negan give the iron to this season?

Who Will Negan Torture In Season 8?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Sing Me A Song” was quite similar to the comic book and fans love to see the homage play out on screen. As we enter Season 8, fans are expecting to see a lot of comic adaptations from Robert Kirkman’s “All Out War” saga.

For starters, we expected to see Rick Grimes make the first attack, but the war will go on for some time. If Negan gets angry or starts to lose the war, he could take it out on his people.

Could the captured Father Gabriel be his next victim? Also, we know that he suspects Eugene of giving Sasha something that would allow for her to turn into a walker.

With anger building and these two potential enemies on hand, it’s possible that Negan could torture Father Gabriel or Eugene in upcoming episodes.

Do you think we might see Eugene or Father Gabriel get the iron this season?

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