Is Dwight The Last Hope To Save The Dying Rick Grimes?


During the Season 8B premiere, Rick Grimes was burying his dead son when we jumped ahead to a future scene. In the shot, Rick was leaning against a tree, bleeding from the torso and his eyes were bloodshot. It’s quite possible that our fearless leader will be a victim of Negan’s zombie guts war.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the end of Season 8, Episode 11, Negan laid out a plan for his people to coat their weapons (and maybe their bullets) in zombie guts. This way, any type of flesh wound would eventually result in a death. Presumably, this is likely what happened to Father Gabriel, assuming he got walker blood in a cut or perhaps his mouth.

Rick Grimes is not only injured (shot, stabbed), but his eyes are also bloodshot red. Plus, he could be staring and sitting alone because he’s blind.

Rick Grimes May Be A Dead Man

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the comic book, Negan attacks the Hilltop and then they basically leave. Soon, the injured started to turn into walkers and the good guys realize what Negan has done. This will also mean a lot more causalities on the show. But, the latest episode also revealed a way to save Rick as well.

Besides Negan’s idea to use zombie guts, we also got to see Dwight head back to the Saviors. Surprisingly, the other Savior (Laura) somehow hasn’t gotten back yet to tell on Dwight. This could mean she’s dead but the good news is that double-agent Dwight can now keep working for Rick in the new Sanctuary.

This could mean that Dwight could actually save Rick Grimes.

The Only Way To Save Our Fearless Leader

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Major spoilers and predictions ahead…

Negan is likely going to make all of his people coat their weapons with zombie guts. It’s unlikely that Dwight would do this. After all, he’s still working with Rick. Plus, during that first attack (when Shiva the tiger saved Carl Grimes), Dwight never actually shot his gun at either side.

Therefore, if Negan thought that Dwight had soaked his arrow, he could shoot Rick in the side and injure but not kill him. Meanwhile, Negan may leave him to die, even though he would not die due to the infection. This may be a way for Dwight to help Rick and satisfy Negan.

Otherwise, it looks like Rick Grimes is going to be a goner.

Do you think Dwight can somehow save Rick Grimes?

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