Rick Grimes Finally Reveals The Reason For The Polaroid Photos… [SPOILER]


“We took down their outposts,” said Rick Grimes. “Negan and his people are trapped by walkers. Until they surrender or we end them.” After six episodes, Rick Grimes finally reveals why he’s been collecting Polaroid pictures.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At this point, our hero hands the leader of the Scavengers a few photos of Negan’s Sanctuary. “You took Negan’s deal. I’m here to offer a better one. My people will win,” he said with a firm look.

“Your choice is to forget Negan, switch sides again, and be part of the next world that Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom will build together,” he said. “Or, we destroy you.”

Rick Grimes Gives Scavengers An Ultimatum

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Despite his convincing argument, Jadis simply tells her people to lock up Rick Grimes and she then says he talks too much. Clearly, Jadis is unfamiliar with Rick and what his people are capable of doing.

At this point, it looks like total chaos for Rick Grimes, but he’s likely got one or two more ideas up his sleeves. Despite being the prisoner in a junkyard, his people are continuing to stick to the plan.

“My people know I’m here. And what they do next depends on what you do right now,” he said.

“Or, We Destroy You,” Said Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Despite Jadis’ foolish decision, it’s clear that Rick has another idea if she says “no” to his plan. In this unknown scenario, Rick Grimes warns that his people will destroy the Scavengers if they do not help him.

Before, he made it clear that this is where he was going when he and Daryl Dixon split up. Presumably, someone back in Alexandria is waiting for him to return, so when he doesn’t, the next phase will begin.

Since the Scavengers live in a junkyard, it’s likely that there are actually several ways to attack them. While it’s unclear what Rick’s army will do to hurt them, we should find out in the next episode.

In addition to Rick’s plan, it’s also curious that Daryl later arrives in a dump truck. Before, when the Scavengers arrived at Alexandria, they were on bicycles and in a garbage truck like this one. Perhaps Rick’s Plan B has already begun.

What do you think Rick will do to the Scavengers for betraying him?

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