“New Best Friend” Jadis Actress Reveals One Huge Thing That Happened When She Met Rick Grimes…



Rick’s Mysterious New Friend, Jadis

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rick Grimes’ new best friend, Jadis, doesn’t seem like the best candidate for the leader to put his trust into. At this point, however, with Negan being the only other option, it would appear that any other group will have to do.

In “New Best Friends,” Rick made a deal with the new junkyard gang, who have been referred to by fans as the Garbage Pail Kids. These junkyard strangers dress in black, and may refer to themselves as “the Heapsters.”

Based on Jadis’ interaction, she hadn’t heard of Negan before Rick brought him up.

Pollyanne McIntosh Discusses Negan

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Jadis actress Pollyanna McIntosh spoke with Comic Book about her interaction with Rick Grimes. “I don’t think I’d like Negan at all,” she revealed. “His pride and arrogance would really get in the way, as far as I’m concerned.”

The actress went on to say, “I would think he would be somebody who would need to be taken down, you know?’ Despite the actress’ stance on what might happen, the characters actions didn’t show a great deal of leadership.

In fact, the Heapsters seemed somewhat lazy in their actions.

Can Rick Trust This New Group?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Jadis revealed that they had been watching the boat for a long time, but didn’t want to take the risk of getting supplies themselves. Instead, they watched the boat and waited for someone else to do their dirty work.

They do seem organized, based on their unusual circling around Rick’s gang in the junkyard. That said, based on their goal to pursue self-interests, and given that they want guns, it’s unclear why Rick would trust them.

Obviously, he doesn’t really have a choice, but it’s hard to imagine another scenario where Rick would want anything to do with these people. Hopefully, he’ll be able to see a little clearly and think things over while he searches for guns.

Based on all the lies we’ve seen so far, who knows what might happen next.

Do you think Rick has thought this through? Can Jadis be trusted?

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