Why is King Ezekiel Feeding Zombies to the Pigs for Negan?


Morgan was turned off, to say the least, when he saw King Ezekiel’s men feeding lost walkers to the pigs for the community. Later on The Walking Dead, however, it was revealed that these pigs were meant for Negan’s men.

Despite having their very own tiger, The Kingdom has to provide supplies for Negan, just like the Hilltop and Alexandria. Unlike the others, however, King Ezekiel is striking back at Negan’s men in a subtle manner.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Providing Service for Negan’s Men

When The Kingdom provides pigs for Negan and his men, the meats are weighed and a certain amount must be met. In order to meet this weight, Ezekiel’s men are fattening their pigs with zombie flesh.

Unfortunately, animals are not infected when they eat walkers on The Walking Dead. This is proven in Issue 117 of the comics when Shiva the Tiger eats one of the walkers and doesn’t contract the virus.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

King Ezekiel Actor Discusses Saviors

Actor Khary Payton discussed his portrayal of King Ezekiel recently with ComicBook.com. “Hey, man, if the Mafia dude comes over and makes you a deal, and he’s like, “I want a bunch of pigs and they better be a nice size,” and you’ve got limited options, you go fill a bunch with zombie guts,” Payton concluded. “There seems to be no end in sight as far as the supply of zombie guts. I got to feed my people, too, so I’m going to feed them the good stuff!”

There was speculation in Season 5 that eating a walker would turn you into a zombie, given Bob’s “tainted meat” line of revenge at his roast. Perhaps cooking the meat killed the virus, but there’s no definitive proof mentioned thus far.

It’s unknown when Shiva may swing into action on the series. Payton remarked, “You’re going to have to tune in on Sunday nights to found out. It’s going to keep you in the prison of Sunday night availability.”

Much like Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple, the actors on the show aren’t budging on any tips or giveaways from upcoming episodes. As Payton said, we’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens next.

Do you think something will ultimately come from the animals eating walkers?

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