Kaley Cuoco Celebrates With The Hunky Cast Of ‘Magic Mike Live’


Apparently, Kaley Cuoco really, really likes “Magic Mike.” Over the weekend, the actress celebrated the male strip show by seeing it twice in 48 hours. So far, there’s been no proof that this was her official Bachelorette party.

Channing Tatum | Photo Credit Magic Mike

Kaley Cuoco got engaged earlier this month and was spotted at two showings of the Las Vegas experience over the weekend. After the show, the actress and her friends even got to meet the men backstage.

Either way, it looks like that actress had a great time.

Kaley Cuoco Celebrates In Vegas

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Magic Mike Las Vegas

In another recent photo, actress Kaley Cuoco showed off her back tattoo of a Luna moth. In addition to the beauty of the tattoo between her shoulders, it’s also symbolic of her new relationship with Karl Cook.

The new tattoo actually covers up a previous tattoo she got for Sweeting. After her divorce from Ryan Sweeting, Cuoco spent some time dating and even went out secretly with Johnny Galecki (Leonard) for a period of time.

The previous tattoo was her wedding date, which has now been disguised.

Looking Ahead To The Future

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Instagram

Other celebrities have done similar cover-ups in the past. When Carson Daly and Tara Reid broke up, he had a tattoo artist cover up the tattoo he got with Tara. Since he didn’t care what they used, he now has a tattoo of a pocketknife with a crab claw coming out of it on his leg.

Cuoco’s tattoo is much more appropriate than Carson Daly’s cover-up. Like the larva stage of a butterfly, the Luna moth likely represents a change for the actress. This could even mean she’ll be leaving the series in the near future.

More than likely, The Big Bang Theory will come to an end after Season 12. Most of the leads on the show have already agreed to take on (or create) new roles and new series for various networks.

Kaley Cuoco just launched Norman Productions, which will create a mini-series called The Flight Attendant. Cuoco will star and produce the series. In addition, she’ll also be getting married in the immediate future, but no date has been announced yet to the public.

What do you think of Kaley Cuoco’s “Magic Mike” obsession?