Jase Robertson Didn’t Believe Duck Dynasty Would Be Successful


When the finale of Season 2 of Duck Dynasty premiered, it became the most watched episode of any show on A&E. Season 4 averaged 9.2 million viewers.

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The Robertsons are celebrities now. However, before Duck Dynasty started, one person in the family was not for the idea of a reality TV show. One Robertson doubted it would go anywhere. 

“I was one of the ones who said the reality show would never work,” said Jase, the Doubting Thomas. “We were in the hunting world. I had this perception of reality shows that you had to have all this friction and fits of rage and four-letter words.”

What Jase may have had in mind was the popular reality TV show Jersey Shore. But, he says, Duck Dynasty is nothing like that.

“We’re pretty calm compared to that,” he said. “We’ve got some crazy characters in our family — but I didn’t think people would want to see that.”

So why have people clung so loyally to the Robertsons and their TV show? What is it about them that people relate to?

Jase says people latch onto three aspects of their family that’s at the core of who they are.

Duck Dynasty beard
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“People just identify with our principles and values,” Jase said. “We’re all about faith, family, and facial hair.”

The Robertsons enjoy each other as they wrap up the last shots of Duck Dynasty (source: Facebook)

They’re so serious about that latter one, that Jase hasn’t seen his dad, Phil, with a naked face for about 30 years.

Jase’s wife, Missy, despise her hubby’s beard. Yet Jase continues to wear it.

“My wife hates the beard,” he said. “When we dated, I would grow it out during duck season. she said she could handle anything for three months — but now I have it all the time.”

Jase’s argument for the beard is actually a good one. His wife may have a difficult time coming up with a retort.

“No one ever tries to mug us — ever,” Jase said. “They look at us and say, ‘No, it’s not worth it.’”

So thanks to the Robertson’s faith in God, family values, and they’re commitment to a manly beard, people love them.

And Jase was wrong about the whole idea of a reality TV show.

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