Fear the Walking Dead Ratings Stand Up to the VMAs


fear the walking dead beats VMAAs most of us know, Fear the Walking Dead has seen a recent drop in viewers since the premier of its first seen.

More than half the population of viewers have suddenly dropped off he show since it first aired. Even so, Fear the Walking Dead has managed to stand its ground against the VMAs (Video Music Awards). The VMA’s is one of the most watched events on television every year, so to stand up to that is a fear in itself. Could this be the proof we’ve been looking for to solidify Fear the Walking Dead isn’t going anywhere?

Los Muertos hauled in 3.6 million viewers on Sunday and scored a 1.6 rating with the network by their key demographic ratings chart.

The new episode gave us back a lot of the staple characters of the show, Ofelia, Madison, Alicia and strand returned to take refuge in a large, supposedly empty hotel. Nick found himself with Luciana, played by Danay Garcia who is easily the shows female version of Daryl Dixon.

Fear the Walking Dead did great when compared to The Video Music Awards. The VMA’s earned a 1.8 rating by their demographic, only a couple points above Fear the Walking Dead. Other shows that were beaten out by Fear the Walking Dead was Family Guy and The Night Of’s series finale. Both of those shows had ratings around .9, a considerably lower rating when compared to Fear the Walking Dead.

fear the walking dead beats VMATo put the difference in perspective with numbers, Fear the Walking Dead’s 2nd episode of Season 2, Los Muertos, had roughly 6.89 million viewers.

That’s almost double that of Family Guy and The Night Of’s. According to Brand Davis of Comicbook.com, “Fear the Walking Dead hasn’t had the shocking moments The Walking Dead did at the parallel point in the series which was a huge draw for audiences back in 2012.”

He also added, “In addition,The Walking Dead had years of comics to pull from which were already getting fans excited and it was the only show of its kind. Fear the Walking Dead has neither of those advantages in 2016.”

It’s easy to see when comparing the two shows, why it’s been much easier for The Walking Dead to hold its own. Fear the Walking Dead has had to come up against its bigger brother who’s got a lot more loyal fans. Even though many have been skeptical of whether or not Fear the Walking Dead will continue on after this season, ratings like this give a good indication that the show is here to stay. Especially when it can beat out longtime running shows like Family Guy and hold its own with the VMAs. Do you think the show will go on? Would you like it too? Like, share and leave your opinions about the show below in the comment section of the page.


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