Si Robertson’s Secret Napalm Chili- 8 Quotes About Cooking From Your Fave Uncle

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In this week’s episode of Going Si-ral, Si Robertson recreated a how-to cooking video. The recipe? Napalm Chili. The chili was made in an army helmet, of course. Here are the 8 best quotes from Si Robertson’s Secret Napalm Chili recipe video.

A Clever Bowl

“Personally I like to use my M1 Army helmet, but look if you’re European- use one of your funny hats.”

Uncle Si used his army helmet as a mixing bowl for the concoction he called Napalm Chili. It’s definitely a creative idea, but almost might not be the most sanitary option.

No Need To Measure

“Most recipes want you to measure out ingredients…but hey I just like to eyeball it, okay- Tastes better than way.”

Si Robertson is a stress-free man. He doesn’t like to conform to the societal norms of measuring cups and ingredients. Gotta love his free spirit.

He’s Money Smart

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“Next up is your meat; I use grade B, not grade A, look it’s cheaper.”

Once again, you can’t argue with this great logic. Si isn’t worried about his health, he’s worried about taste and the money in his pocket. Although we do have to wonder; isn’t Duck Dynasty paying him enough not to have to buy grade B meat?

He’s Not Organic

“You can tell this cheese is good because it comes in a bag and has a nice electric yellow color.”

Si Robertson doesn’t worry about whether or not his cheese is all natural or organic. He wants it to glow and come in a plastic bag; it tastes better that way.

He Says It Like It Is

“You can never have enough cheese.”

We’re pretty sure every American ever, aside from maybe vegans, would agree with this statement. It’s just delicious, and you can never have enough. Si speaks the truth, and cannot tell a lie.

Condiments; Important

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“Condiments; it’s kind of like a hot glue for your food…like a family- close.”

Condiments bring it all together. Si suggests mixing them all up; ketchup, mayo, relish, mustard. Get it all in there, mix it around, and it will bring the whole dish together.

Measuring Beans

“If you’re single, use the whole bag. But, if you’re married just go half-bag.”

This is practical advice from a man married over 50 years. He doesn’t sugar-coat the effects the beans might have on your digestive system, and also your marriage. It’s kind of romantic, when you think about it.

He’s a Happy Cook

“There’s nothing finer than the smell of Napalm Chili in the morning!”

Yes, Si. We’re sure there is nothing quite like it.