Is Missy’s “Parenting Technique”…Harsh?


Missy Robertson ruffled feathers at the Moms March for America when she explained a few controversial parenting techniques. Missy told the crowd that she and Jase Robertson demand respect from their children. They also teach their kids that God is a reality, and there is no other choice.

Missy Robertson’s Reality

Miss Robertson gave a speech last weekend at the Moms March For America. The speech touched on many issues, including abortion, gender-identity, respect for authority, and prayer in schools. However, it was Missy’s adamant belief in God that stood out to many fans.

The theme of Missy’s address was “respect reality.”  She began by saying that her children has “no choice” but to be respectful. Apparently when Duck Dynasty first gained popularity fans would often ask Missy how she raised such respectful and obedient children. Missy answered simply- there are consequences when they are disrespectful.

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That parenting choice is far from the norm. Missy and Jase run a strict household. However, is was her words about faith and religion that caused some concern. Many people believe religion should be a personal choice. True respect for one another means acknowledging that we all have different world views and beliefs. Despite this, Missy explained that her children have no choice but to “respect the reality” of God.

Are The Robertson Kids Given A Choice

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There is a fine line between sharing your beliefs with your children and forcing them to believe exactly what you believe. In Missy’s speech is was unclear whether or not her three children, Mia Cole and Reed, are allowed to question their own faith. 

If a Christian isn’t allowed to choose their beliefs for themselves, and explore their own doubts, are they really truly even a Christian? 

Missy said, “We teach our children to respect the law, but to trust God as the ultimate authority and establisher of governments.”

Do you agree with Missy Robertson, or do you believe children should be allowed to choose their own religion?