TOTAL BODY Workout Routine for Beginners


In this beginners program, we’re going to perform a total body workout routine, training all your major muscle groups, through the basic movement patterns.

– Vertical Pulling
– Vertical Pressing
– Horizontal Pulling
– Horizontal Pressing
– Arm Extensions
– Arm Curls
– Leg Press
– Abdominal Crunch

This will help to develop all the major muscle groups of your body and get you started on the right track to building muscle, burning fat, increasing your strength and energy.

With each exercise I want you to start off very light and build up gradually. For your first warm-up set just go through the motions. Focus on doing the exercise with a full range of motion and proper form. Then after each set evaluate how the exercise felt, if it feels easy increase the weight for your next set. Do 3 sets total sets of at least 10 repetitions per set. Starting light and increasing the weight with each set.

Don’t feel embarrassed about lifting light weights and doing warm-up sets. Even top level bodybuilders will start each exercise doing lighter weight warm-up sets before lifting heavier weights. Use your lighter warm-up sets to make any needed adjustments with the height of the seat, handle positions, etc. So that you’re comfortable with your heavier working weight sets.

It’s very important to pace yourself when starting a new workout routine. A big mistake that a lot of beginners make is trying to do too much, too soon. But all this is going to do is cause unnecessary aches, pains, and soreness while increasing your risk of injury.

The best advice I can offer you is to take it slow and steady. There will be lots of time, later on, to push yourself with more intensity. But for now, master the basics and get comfortable with doing the exercises.

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