Scared Homeless Dog Has the Rescue of a Lifetime. Her Transformation Will Melt Your Heart.


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Zuzi was a homeless puppy living in the parking area of a company. Her rescue was quite a difficult mission because she had some very traumatizing experiences with the dogcatchers who tried to catch her and their methods are less brutal. Fortunately, they didn’t manage to catch her( had they succeeded she would have ended in the city’s pound ), but the experience left her with a trauma and she panicked and ran away every time we got nearer and tried to catch her. Use a catch pole was out of the question because that would have traumatized her even more, so that’s why we decided to administer her a tranquilizer. Zuzi is learning now to trust people again and she’s making progress. She’s friendly with other dogs and cats and love to be nuzzled. She’s also learning to stroll on a result, but she’s not very interested in walkings or investigating new territories and prefers the safety of a garden/ fenced yard. Calculated age 4 yrs, vaccinated, microchipped.

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