Hero Dog Adopted Through Rescue Organization Helps Boy


When the Daniels family adopted Ember from a rescue organisation, they had no idea that she would become so attached to her human friend, Tre. She loved her 10 -year-old boy and slept at the foot of his bed every night. But one evening, Tre’s mother woke to Ember making an odd voice. She had left her comfy place in Tre’s bed and was pacing. Mrs. Daniels knew something must be wrong, so she followed Ember. The pup led her to the bathroom where Tre’s feet were hanging outside of the bathtub. Tre had suffered a seizure and fell back into the tub. Thanks to Ember’s quick action, Tre was rushed to the hospital and got the medical attention he required. When he got back home, Ember refused to leave his side. That’s a caring pup!