Look Who Mary Kate Robertson Is Promoting Now

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-11-14

Mary Kate Robertson recently promoted a very unique, and important business. 31Bits is an accessories company that gives back in a big way. The young Duck Dynasty star teamed up with the organization to get the word out about their message.

Mary Kate Robertson Gives Back

Photo by 31bits.com

Mary Kate Robertson had created quite a large following on social media, and through her blog. Companies and corporations are taking notice at just how effective social media advertising can be. Fans want to be just like the celebrities they follow on social media. When a celebrity endorses a product, their fans are much more likely to buy.

Mary Kate has decided to use her large platform for good. She teamed up with the 31Bits company to provide her fans and readers with a discount code. However, the company isn’t just trying to turn a profit. They’ve got a much larger mission.

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Photo by theLVguide.com

31Bits’ website states, “We use fashion and design to drive positive change in the world by providing artisans with dignified job opportunities and inspiring customers to live meaningful lives.” Mary Kate is particularly impressed by the company’s business model, which employs women in need. She wrote, “They are giving women, some the same age as me, a chance to thrive. They employ 80 artisans in Uganda that make beautiful jewelry out of paper (“bits” of paper, hence the name 31Bits-I love THAT.)”

We couldn’t help but notice that this company is a lot like Missy Robertson’s Laminin jewelry line. Except the women employed by 31Bits are overseas, and the women employed by Laminin are in West Monroe Louisiana. However, both companies do a whole lot of good.

Mary Kate’s Happiness

Photo by thelittleduckwife.com

Mary Kate seems to be as happy as ever, as she promotes this company and their products. She mentioned in her blog post that she used the purse 31bits sent her while out to dinner with her family and husband. Mary Kate wrote, “The leaves are changing and I get to live in the mountains and watch them. My family is visiting me right now! I am freaking loved and cared for by the Creator of the universe… I am just feeling really thankful and I am really grateful that God has given me an exuberance for life again lately!”

We’re so glad Mary Kate Robertson is doing so well. We’re also impressed that she is using her celebrity for good.

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