BREAKING: Willie’s Duck Diner Just Made A HUGE Announcement… Fans Shocked


Willie Robertson is an entrepreneur. But his latest endeavor — Willie’s Duck Diner — has had its ups and downs. Although, recently, it has seen an up.

Willie Robertson, owner of Willie’s Duck Diner, works diligently at his laptop (source: Willie’s Duck Diner)

Willie is the CEO of Duck Commander — the company his father, Phil, started — and Buck Commander. He’s a millionaire. He’s a reality TV celebrity. And as of recently, he’s been a on again, off again restaurateur.

In early 2017, Willie’s Duck Diner closed its doors, rejecting foodies and Duck Dynasty groupies alike.

“The diner will reopen soon with a new menu and new Robertson Family Recipes,” says the website.

And apparently, “soon” means real soon. Like, sooner than you’d think.

Because in early February, the folks at Willie’s Duck Diner made an exciting announcement on Facebook. 

Willie Robertson lounging like any rich CEO (source: Hollywood Reporter)

“Willie’s Duck Diner is opening soon!” it reads. That’s great! But the post had more good news — news for anyone looking for an opportunity to work with celebrities.

“We are looking to hire for all positions: Hostess, retail, servers, expo, dishwashers, bakery, and cooks,” it says. “We are looking for beautiful smiles, great attitudes, and team players. If you are interested in joining our team come and fill out an application.”

The Duck Diner

The exciting announcement (source: Willie’s Duck Diner)

A lot of Duck Dynasty fans in the West Monroe or surrounding areas would jump at the chance to work with the folks they watch on TV. If you’re one of those people, they currently accepting applications between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

To give you an idea of what might go on behind the scenes at Willie’s Duck Diner (in case you’d want to work there), watch the below video. It shows Willie having some fun at his restaurant.

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