Willie Robertson Makes Shocking Confession About Trump Policy…


When Donald Trump announced he was running for president, people laughed. People thought it was a joke. Well, those people aren’t laughing now.

photo by foxnews.com

Willie Robertson was a Trumpetier from early on. It all started while he was on a hunting trip with Donald Jr.

“I met Donald Trump Junior actually first, because I heard he was an outdoor’s man,” Willie said. “And I actually invited him to come down to the house and hunt sometime.”

At first, Willie admits, he was one of those people laughing at the idea of President Trump.

“We talked about it and laughed about it, and he said he’s serious, he said I think he may go for this,” Willie recalled.

Now, Trump is president. Willie was the opening speaker at the RNC and has been fully backing the billionaire.

So what does Willie think about one of the most controversial Trump-related topics — the travel ban?

Source: MSNBC (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)

“My understanding of the travel ban is that… it’s short term,” Willie said. “They were countries that this president and the president before had noted as maybe some problems for people coming in, and so I think they are trying to figure out how to vet people better, especially with a lot of refugees coming out of a lot of areas.”

People — the same people who laughed at the idea of a President Trump — are protesting. They’re protesting Trump and what he stands for.

Willie said the protests, the election, and everything that’s happened during the 45th president’s tenure is historic.

(AP Photo / Al Messerschmidt)

“I felt like Republicans really got mad at themselves, so they threw out a lot of the people who were going to run, and who you may would have thought would’ve been in line for the presidency, and picked someone totally different,” Willie said. “[The Republicans] changed the game up and said we are going in a different direction, and I feel like with the Democrats here, a lot of them are just mad at the president, and maybe not mad at their own selves for not doing a better job.”

Willie is hoping that President Trump will do a better job than many people expect him to do.

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