Why Was Sadie Robertson Spotted In Pittsburgh? The Reason Will Surprise You…


For some reason, Sadie Robertson was weathering the weather in Pittsburgh, Pa., recently. She bundled up in her fur coat and went out in the snow. But why?

Sadie Robertson weathering the weather in Pittsburgh (source: Instagram)

Who in their right mind would go from sunny Louisiana weather to the cold and snowy foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Pittsburgh?

“Straight up winter outdoor in Pittsburgh today,” she said on Instagram. “Now flying back to catch the bus for this weeks Winter Jam run.”

Sadie took a break as a speaker from the Winter Jam Tour to go to the ‘Burgh, so the reason has to be a good one. Especially for Sadie — she doesn’t do anything without clear intentions.

Again on Instagram, she revealed why she was visiting the Steel City.

“Heading to Pittsburgh for the next [Rue 21 and Wild Blue Denim] photoshoot!!” she wrote. “The weather is just a littttleee different then the last shoot…”

She then encourages her fans to buy weather-appropriate clothes for the Spring.

“All the new spring stuff hits stores this weekend!” she said. “Go get your spring break looks.”

You see, she’s got a clothing line at Rue 21 and also works with Wild Blue Denim. It’s a regular occurrence for her.

“How adorable does [Sadie Robertson] look in these tie-back shortalls?!” Wild Blue Denim says in an Instagram post of her.

Fortunately, she’s hitting the road again with Winter Jam. And she’s going to keep dropping wisdom on people’s heads.

“There [are] so [many] bad things going on in the world, but we have to remember that our hope is not here, our hope is Heaven bound,” she said.

Sadie Robertson took a quick break from Winter Jam to do a couple photo shoots, but not to worry, she’s back on the road with Winter Jam.

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