Many remain doubtful if Donald Trump will be good for the economy in terms of jobs.  Can he create the amount of jobs the U.S. needs?  He believes he can. 

In fact, he says he has and will at an even larger scale when he’s president. As a businessman, Donald Trump has created 34,000 jobs over the course of his career. Trump Organization, a private organization, didn’t have these numbers accessible to the public. However, CNN Money looked to PrivCo which researchers and tracks companies like these.  They reported 22,450 Trump employees and they earned $9.5 billion last year.  

Multiplier Effect

CNNMoney argues that it doesn’t stop there: he created other jobs in which economists call the “multiplier effect.”  As an example, many people go to see the New York’s Broadway shows, spend money at restaurants, stores, and stay a few nights in hotels.  When calculating the economic and job impact of Broadway, ticket sales and employment of people involved in the shows aren’t the only thing taken into account.  So have Trump’s businesses led to the creation of other activity for nearby industries? 

Taking Diversity Into Account When Creating Jobs

Donald Trumpsource: ABC News

At the event, Trump demonstrated that he employed diverse workers at his Doral resort and golf club.  He said it was “tremendous success” and that 80% of his staff there are Hispanic. 

One Hispanic employee said, “Even though I have many issues with my family because I’ve been supporting this man here, I love it and I’ve been so proud to be working in this property.  And when he decided to run for president, I (supported) him since the very first day.”

Other black and Hispanic employees said a few words about Trump to endorse him for president.  Trump later said, “These are just amazing people and this is what jobs do. Jobs just make lives. And they make people and make families.  I have so many of these where we have such tremendous successes and the press does not like to write about the happiness and the jobs and the things we create.”

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