Although we’ve briefly met both of them, the characters of Laura and Arat, played by Lindsley Register and Elizabeth Ludlow will grow in coming weeks.

The Ladies Are Villains

The Walking Dead has added two new cast members for Season 7. They have a few things in common, too. For one thing, they’re both women. More interestingly, though, they are both villains.

Actresses Lindsley Register and Elizabeth Ludlow are the new cast members. They will be playing the roles of Laura and Arat, respectively. Both are members of the Saviors and are loyal followers of Negan. Arat and Laura were both featured in the third episode, “The Cell,” albeit only briefly. Their roles should expand as the season continues.

Laura/Lindsley Register

Lindsley Register as Laura on The Walking DeadImage Credit: AMC

Laura was the blonde woman playing table hockey with Dwight. It was a brief scene during the episode’s bizarre musical opening. Dwight wins round after round, resulting in Laura taking shot after shot of alcohol.

The comic book version of Laura isn’t introduced until much later in the series. Presumably, though, she was present with the Saviors throughout the storyline with Negan. She has a special friendship with Dwight and even admits to having romantic feelings for him.

Beyond her appearance on “The Cell,” it’s not known when we’ll see Laura again next.

Register has made appearances in a number of small films and other television shows, including Netflix’s House of Cards. She has a regular role on the upcoming History Channel series, Six. The show revolves around the missions of the Navy’s famous SEAL Team Six and will debut in 2017.

Arat/Elizabeth Ludlow

Arat was also featured in “The Cell,” but her voice ended up being all we heard. Originally, she and several other Saviors were supposed to go with Dwight as he tracked down Gordon. There was even a short car chase planned. That entire sequence was cut, though, leaving Dwight to go solo. Arat is the one who radios Dwight to tell him Gordon has fled. Negan takes the radio and tells her that Dwight will meet her at the gate.

We see Arat in person in the following episode, “Service.” That episode shows Negan and the Saviors arriving at Alexandria with Daryl in tow.

There is no character named Arat in The Walking Dead comic book. However, it seems likely that she will be based on the Savior named Tara. (“Arat” is “Tara” spelled backward.)

The TV series already has a character named Tara, played by Alanna Masterson. Her character never appeared in the comic book series. It was instead based on a character from the novel The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor. Since she’s become a prominent member of the show now, producers likely changed the Savior character’s name to avoid confusion.

In the comics, Tara is a tough character. She helps with the abduction of Jesus from the Hilltop. In fact, she nearly kills him before Dwight intervenes.

Ludlow has also had numerous small roles in film and television. She’ll be seen in next summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. She was also a regular on USA’s short-lived series, Satisfaction.

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