BREAKING: Reporter Asks Willie If He’ll Shave His Facial Hair, He Gives A Shocking Response…


March 29 is the last episode of Duck Dynasty, an era that began in 2012. But does that mean the men will shave their iconic beards?

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Willie is very clear about what he will do with his facial hair after the show’s over. And he wasn’t ashamed to say it.

“I’d say no,” Willie told Us Magazine when asked about the idea of shaving his face. 

But if Willie wants to get into politics, which many people have speculated, he’ll probably have to shave. Would he ever consider getting into politics?

“No, I’ve decided I don’t know if I can handle that,” Wilie said. “Duck Commander is still there. We are writing a book, I think. We’ll probably travel.”

Willie, Uncle Si, and Jep (Photo by Laura Cavanaugh / Getty Images)

Willie did reveal who he thinks is the most likely to shave out of all of the Duck Dynasty men. In fact, he and Korie agreed that baby brother Jep is probably going to shave his beard.

“I bet Jep,” Willie said.

“Yeah,” Korie said. “Jep is the most likely.”

But he may not be the only one.

There’s a wife in the family who wants her husband to shave. Ladies, imagine kissing a rug. That’s what it would be like having a husband with a gnarley beard like the guys have.

And Missy knows what that’s like, and she doesn’t like it. She apparently wants her hubby to chop the rug off. 

“Missy really wants Jase to, and he’s considering it,” Korie revealed.

Duck Dynasty beard
source: Life Style Mag

So Jep is a probably, Jase is a maybe, and Willie is a definite no. We haven’t heard from Uncle Si or Phil, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Who do you think will end up cutting it all off? Let us know in the comments!

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