Sadie Makes A Tear-Jerking Confession About Korie… “She’s…”


To celebrate National Women’s Day, Sadie Robertson posted a photo on Instagram — the caption might bring you to tears.

A photo of Korie Robertson posted on Sadie Robertson’s Instagram, praising Korie for National Women’s Day (source: Instagram)

The photo was of Sadie’s mom, Korie. But the caption — the caption was simply full of praises and compliments.

“She doesn’t need a filter, and she doesn’t even need a warning,” Sadie writes. “She’s an effortless beauty. Everyday I’m in awe of the woman you are, mama.”

But Sadie doesn’t stop there. She continues to list all of the positive characteristics of her “mama.” Here are some of them (not even all of them!):

  • Selfless in all situations
  • A warrior in the toughest battles
  • Fearless in the scariest times
  • Humble and kind
  • A mother to all who need
  • A refuge for many
Daughter and mother, best friends, Sadie and Korie Robertson (source: Fox News)

But she wasn’t done showing her love for her mother — are you tearing up yet?

“You laugh without fear of your future, and so do the ones around you,” Sadie continues. “You carry peace with your beautiful stride. You champion your family. You are clothed with strength.”

Sadie then expresses how she wants to be just like Korie. She wants to be half the woman her mother has turned out to be.

“When I think of a woman I want to become, it’s you,” Sadie says (need some tissues?). “I love you so much. Thank you for teaching me silently with your actions. There is not a negative word to be spoken about you. You are stunning.”

Okay, wipe your eyes, take a breath, drink some water, and pull yourself together. Happy belated National Women’s Day.

Sadie (middle) with her loving dad, Willie, and wonderful mom, Korie Robertson (source: Charisma News)

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