Sadie Robertson Says This “Life Hack” Changed Her Life Completely


Sadie’s life lesson

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Sadie Robertson said there’s this one “life hack” that changed her life. It’s a short but sweet sentence that may change yours too.

“This lesson actually comes from my older cousin who’s really wise and smarter than me obviously,” Sadie said in a recent YouTube video. She was thinking about dating a boy when her cousin stepped in.

“Sadie,” her cousin said. “I just need to tell you something that really helped me in my life. Five seconds of awkward can save you from a lifetime of regret.”

Think about that for a minute — five seconds of awkward can save you from a lifetime of regret.

That’s good.

Sadie then gave five concrete examples of when this could apply…

If somebody is drinking and they ask you to get in a car with them.

Sadie Robertson
source: Pictures of Car

Just say no. That could end up being really bad.

If someone asks you to drink and you don’t want to (or you’re underage)

Sadie Robertson
source: Sheboygan’s Country B93

Think of how that could ruin your life…

If the person you’re dating wants to go farther than you want to

Sadie Robertson

Don’t go against your convictions.

Let God lead you

Sadie Robertson

He will direct your paths.

If someone wants to gossip with you.

Sadie Robertson
source: Psychologies

Do you really need to know what he said about what she said about him? 

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