Phil Robertson Is Now On Twitter


Phil’s on Twitter

Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson did not give up on his dream of making the best duck call ever (source: The Gospel Herald)

If you know anything about Phil Robertson, you know he doesn’t own a cell phone. He doesn’t even have a watch. He can barely operate a TV. He’s pretty much anti-technology.

But now, he’s on Twitter.

Let’s take a look at this, see if it’ll go anywhere…

Phil’s bio

via Twitter

The first thing a Twitterer looks at is the bio. You’ve got to make it pop while describing yourself in a sentence or two. Here’s Phil’s bio:

“The official Twitter page of Phil Robertson ‘The Duck Commander’ #Faith #Family #America.”

Phil’s first follower

See that guy on the far right? That’s Zach Dasher, a friend of the Robertsons and Phil’s first ever Twitter follower.

Phil’s first Tweet

Not surprisingly, Phil’s first Tweet was showing support for Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court. He is the new chairman of Fight For The Court.

Phil’s second Tweet

His second Tweet was actually a retweet of his son, Al. It’s a photo of the whole fam in one place.

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