The Low-Down on Rascal Flatts’ New Album

Rascal Flatts
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Rascal Flatts is giving you a Christmas gift this year — will it be coal, or will it be something shiny and nice?

You’ll have to wait until October 21 when they release their very first Christmas album, “The Greatest Gift of All.” This album will include 10 of the band’s favorite Christmas songs (keep reading to see what they are) and they self-produced it. Reportedly, it will showcase their trademarks: powerful vocals and super emotional performances; these have been their forte throughout their many, many years as a band. 

“We’re in the studio cutting new music,” Jay DeMarcus shared with media outlets. “We’ve got a batch of songs that we feel really, really good about and we’re excited about cutting some new music. We’ve been concentrating on the Christmas record this summer and wrapping up a few things on that. Starting to mix here in a couple weeks.”

That’s good to hear, but it’s been a while. Where you been, Flatts?

“It probably seems crazy that we waited this long to release a Christmas record,” says DeMarcus in a press release. “We just wanted to do it right! There are certain songs I think most everyone wants to hear during Christmas, and we wanted to put our own special spin on those songs while adding in a couple of our personal favorites. We had a blast making this album, and being in the producer’s chair ourselves makes it extra fun and challenging for us.”

Did he say “special spin”? What does that mean?

We can only speculate, but the songs include Stevie Wonder’s Motown tune “Someday at Christmas” as well as their own version of the song “A Strange Way to Save the World” (originally recorded by vocal group 4Him). Even better?

Also, the band gets intimate with their cover of “Silent Night” — a must on any Christmas album. It opens with the voices from the children of all the band members!

So will this album have us saying “God bless the broken road” that led us to this album, or will this release be “what hurts the most”? 

Find out for yourself — you open this gift early by pre-ordering the album from Rascal Flatt’s official website, including special bundles. Here’s the full track listing:

Rascal Flatts, The Greatest Gift of All Track Listing:

1. Joy To The World
2. O Holy Night
3. Deck The Halls
4. A Strange Way To Save The World
5. Go Tell It On The Mountain
6. Let It Snow
7. Silent Night
8. Someday At Christmas
9. The First Noel
10. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

“We just went all public domain. Some of our favorites and the classics,” says lead singer Gary LeVox. “We talked back and forth about it and a lot of people around Christmastime, that’s all they want is the classics. Of course we put our spin on it and it’s really exciting.”

We’ll be waiting, RF. Right by the tree, waiting to hear what you’ve got for us.