Here’s Why Godwin Is Duck Dynasty’s Batman


Usually the headlines are about Phil or Willie Robertsion, Uncle Si or Sadie. But one Duck Dynasty member rarely gets the spotlight like he did recently.

source: Duck Commander

People went to Faith Assembly of God church in London, Kentucky, to worship, but that’s not the only reason they went. They also went because of John Godwin, also known as just “Godwin” on Duck Dynasty.

Godwin was there to talk about… well, about a little bit of everything. 

“I told them a little bit about ‘Duck Dynasty‘, a little bit about duck hunting and a lot about Jesus,” Godwin to WYMT news.

The pastor of the church, Dan Collard, said they invited Godwin to talk to the men. And this wasn’t just a regular sermon — Godwin came into town to help with a serious issue.

“We’re having a problem,” Collard said. “There’s a real problem with drugs, drug addiction, abusive lifestyles.”

source: YouTube

So, that sort of makes Godwin like Batman, right?

Batman had a rough past that made him a better person and now helps fight crime and wrongdoing. So it is with Godwin.

“John hasn’t always been who he is today,” Collard said. “The… John Godwin you see on Duck Dynasty that’s him now, but he wasn’t always that man.”

So what did Godwin actually talk about that helped these men?

For starters, he talked about the importance of religion in his life and its role in shaping the show. Because of his, and the Robertson’s faith, the show has become a unique, record-breaking TV show. 

“We just hope people can learn to maybe sit down at the end of the day and have a meal together,” Godwin said. “With the way life’s so fast-paced, that they’ll get back… and just get back to family, cause family is a big part of America.”

Here’s to Godwin aka Batman. We’re gonna miss him.


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