Gwen Just ‘Set The Record Straight’ For Blake Shelton


Stefani knows exactly why Blake Shelton is the Sexiest Man Alive. Shelton’s title has been the subject of some dispute (and some mean tweets). So Stefani recently came out to defend her sexy man– and set the record straight on just why Shelton is the perfect man.

sexy man
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani (photo from E! Online)

He’s Perfect

Blake has taken some heat as of late. Not everyone thought he deserved the Sexiest Man Alive title. In fact, he had serious shade thrown at him about it. Also, he always seems to be in some sort of feud with ex-wifeMiranda Lambert. But his girlfriend of the last three years (officially, at least), Gwen Stefani, is standing by her man.

Stefani has no doubt that Blake Shelton is just the right man for the Sexiest Man title. And she didn’t mince words about it.

In her interview with People, Stefani said, “He’s perfect for it. Somebody that is funny and has a sense of humor is sexy — that’s the No. 1 thing.” 

Shelton is definitely known for his sense of humor. He constantly keeps his fellow The Voice coaches and teams laughing. 

She went on to say, “[He’s] somebody that is at the top of their game and talented and genuine and cool and generous and just not self-aware at all — completely a man.”

“Should I keep going”

Gwen had even more to say about it when interviewed for E! Online. 

“I heard that [he might be the Sexiest Man Alive] and I was like, ‘Let me think about this.’ That makes me look pretty rad,” she joked. “If it happens, OK. That would be cool, really cool.” 

“What defines sexy?” she asked. “I think somebody that is humble, kind, down to earth, talented, on the top of their game, should I keep going?”

She didn’t have to. It’s clear that Gwen is altogether smitten with her sexy man. She even posted a picture to Twitter with the caption, “I guess I’ve been kissing the #sexiestmanalive all this time but @people I knew that already!!”

So whatever Miranda or others may say, she knows just what she has in Blake. And she will fire back in defense of him.