Faith Hill, Tim McGraw Leave Daughter, Heartbreakingly, at School

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill with their family (photo from

Boy, kids grow up quickly. First, they’re just babies and the next thing you know, they’re going to college.

That may have been Faith Hill’s experience recently.

Faith and husband, Tim McGraw, recently dropped off their middle daughter, Maggie, at college.

“It’s beautiful and it’s sad all at one time,” McGraw once said about his children leaving the house. “You know, you can’t wait for them to sort of see what they make of themselves and do with themselves when they get out from under your umbrella, but you’re also nervous and sad because you’re gonna miss ’em.”

The parents made sure to say a proper goodbye first. Hill shared some photos from their mother-daughter road trip on the way to the university.

Even though social media gets a bad wrap sometimes, in this case, it’s a good thing we have it. Now we can share in Hill’s happiness. The two of them belted Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” and met some people on their way.

But, alas, the time came when they had to say goodbye. That’s when the tears came.

But tears are temporary. Family is forever. Here are some of those family memories…

Hill recently celebrated her 49th birthday. McGraw made it fantastic for her; he posted a tbp — throwback photo — of his wife of about 20 years with a sweet caption.

“Happy birthday to this crazy, talented, beautiful woman,” it reads. “I am so lucky to be married to and be with her for the rest of my life. The best mother and role model that my 3 daughters could possibly have. She is extraordinary!!”

As part of his thank-you, he took Faith here:

And he goes on and on about his wife, his family, and friends.

“When you look at politics and you look at the world we live in and everything else, there’s really no definite answers to anything,” McGraw told Fox News. “There’s a lot of sort of figuring your way out with every move that you make. I think that you find that out as you get older and that really has to do with relationships, as well.”

So, their daughter grows up, goes to college, and they continue their solid marriage. Life’s going well for them.

Oh, wait, wait. They also got two stars on the Music City Walk of Fame.

“Faith Hill and Tim McGraw both came to Nashville in the 1980s with big dreams and huge talent,” said Mayor Megan Barry in a press statement. “Driven by their determination and a lot of hard work, they eventually found great success — and each other.”

And they’re still finding each other. Check out this video of Faith breaking down while the two of them are doing a duet:

Goodbye, Maggie, your parents will miss you.

But for real now, will they really miss you that much now that they have more space in the house?