Conservative Reporter Bravely Steps Forward To Expose SHOCKING Liberal Assault…


War on Truth Gets Physical

Lucian Wintrich/The Gateway Pundit

Conservative news outlets often received the cold shoulder from Obama and his press secretary. Favoring instead, left-wing agitators such as Huffington Post, WaPo, and Buzzfeed. The WH briefing room looked more like a propaganda-pushing circus than a place for professional journalists.

President Trump’s press room is a stark contrast to what we have seen over the last eight years– liberal reporters are losing their minds. At least Fox News Radio reporter, Jon Decker, is anyways. Decker recently cornered The Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich, on his way to the restroom just outside the briefing room.

As he blocked him from entering the restroom, Decker called Wintrich a “white supremacist” and said his news outlet was a “white supremacist organization”. Despite being shocked by the encounter, Wintrich returned to the press room hoping the encounter was over. However, Decker continued his verbal assault on Wintrich-and then it turned physical.

 Speaking to WND, Wintrich said:

 “I tried to back away from [Decker]. I went into the main briefing room, thinking that he would start to back off. He came up to me, grabbed my arm, and started saying to me, ‘There are people I want you to meet.”

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Decker’s face was beet-red as he continued to play what Wintrich called…

Identity Politics

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Decker attempted to pull Wintrich around the press briefing room, telling everyone he could that Gateway Pundit owner, Jim Hoff, and Wintrich, are “bigots”. Unfortunately for the American public, this type of behavior has become perfectly normal for the left.

They seldom have any logical reasoning to support their often obnoxious, narrow-minded beliefs. And they certainly can’t have an honest debate about the issues. Decker admitted that he’s never read a story written by Wintrich-or anything published by The Gateway Pundit.

 Wintrich’s statement on the assault summed-up the liberal media perfectly:

“Their viewership and their readership is crumbling. Americans are sick of them. They know that they were being misled during the election, by the mainstream media, by the leftist outlets. Now, finally we see a paradigm shift here – people are reading conservative outlets before tuning into these very biased, leftists-leaning news sources.”



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