Chesney Fans Shout “Hallelujah!” After He Reveals News About Album

Kenny Chesney
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Back in March, Kenny Chesney made some noise. 

No, literally, he made “Noise,” the single from his 17th album, “Some Town Somewhere,” which had been scheduled for July.

And then he was like, “Now, wait. Hold your horses.”

Chesney delayed the release to October 28 because he renamed it to be “Cosmic Hallelujah.” Then, to tease everyone a little more, he put out the single, “Setting the World on Fire” featuring P!nk.

Continuing to make all the Chesney fans drool a little more, he released the names of the other nine tracks. Here they are:

  1. “Noise”
  2. “Setting The World on Fire” (feat. P!nk)
  3. “Some Town Somewhere”
  4. “Trip Around the Sun”
  5. “All The Pretty Girls”
  6. “Bar at the End of the World”
  7. “Winnebago”
  8. “Jesus and Elvis” (feat. Allison Moorer)
  9. “Bucket”
  10. “Rich and Miserable”
  11. “Coach”

And he couldn’t be more excited about this album.

“I’ve been blessed with some of the best songs out there, some songs written, actually, just for this album by writers whose work I’ve loved for years,” Chesney said in a press release. “When ‘Setting the World on Fire’ came together, it opened a window of time—and some songs that had come in after we were done, I didn’t have to save for the next album. Suddenly, everything was changing, and the album I’m releasing now has a lot of what made

“Suddenly, everything was changing, and the album I’m releasing now has a lot of what made Some Town Somewhere capture the essential part of who the No Shoes Nation is, but really takes the your-life-is-now piece of The Big Revival and expands it.”

He’s especially proud of one song on the album.

“And there’s one very special song I’ve been holding for years called ‘Coach’ that we went in and re-cut,” he said. “It really captured that song’s heart.”

Who are these mysterious songwriters? Well, they’re not so mysterious actually.

  • Matraca Berg
  • Hayes Carll
  • Hillary Lindsey
  • Shane McAnally (producer and co-arranger of “Forever Country”)
  • Allison Moorer
  • David Lee Murphy
  • Jon Nite
  • Josh Osborne
  • Craig Wiseman

Chesney’s first album came out when I was a toddler — in 1994. He’s been around the block and up the street and to the next town over. His first album, “In My Wildest Dreams,” sold just 10,000 copies before Chesney’s label, Capricorn Records, dissolved its country music “department” and Chesney was left without a label.

But soon, he signed with BNA Records and did much better for himself — and he’s continued to do alright.

Before Chesney signed with Capricorn, Troy Tomlinson from Opryland Music Group heard Chesney audition and was instantly hooked.

“First of all, I was attracted to the songs, because I thought that he painted great pictures in his lyrics, particularly for someone who had not been around the typical Music Row co-writes,” Tomlinson told HitQuarters. “I thought that he sang very well too. But more than anything there was a kind of this ‘I-will-do-it’ look in his eyes – I was really drawn in by the fact that he was so set on being successful in this business.”

I think Chesney will do okay for himself, and he’ll probably be singing “hallelujah!” when Chesney-ites rush to buy “Cosmic Hallelujah.”