Breaking- One Dead, Several Injured As Terror Attack Shakes Westminster Palace


Terror in London

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London police have locked down Westminster Palace and the area surrounding the Westminster Bridge this afternoon. One female has been killed and several other people injured, including a police officer who was stabbed, in what authorities are now calling a “terrorist incident.”

Per BBC News, emergency crews sealed off the area around 14:40 GMT after the officer was stabbed at the House of Parliament. Armed police shot his attacker inside the palace gates. In addition, ambulance workers were seen treating victims near Parliament Square after pedestrians were hit by a vehicle.

The Telegraph is reporting that one woman has been pulled out alive from the River Thames, though her condition has not yet been disclosed. Deputy Director of Ambulance Services, Pauline Crammer, issued a short statement on the attack saying in part:

“We can confirm we have treated at least 10 patients on Westminster Bridge and have put a number of hospitals on alert as we continue to respond to this incident.”

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Crammer also pleaded with the public not to call emergency services unless they had a “genuine need” for help. Few details have emerged about the attackers and possible motives, however, pictures being released show…

Chaos and Horror

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A witness to the chaos, Reuben Sanders, shared the horror of what he saw:

 “He was at the gate, I heard screaming. I saw the man on the ground being repeatedly stabbed, or pummeled.”

Reuben also noted that the assailant had “two knives or similar weapons.” It is not known whether that attacker, who was shot by police, is the same person who plowed into pedestrians on the bridge. However, a “full counterterrorism investigation is underway” according to Metropolitan Police Cmdr. B.J. Harrington.

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Both the House of Commons and House of Lords remain under suspension until it is deemed safe to resume normal procedures. Police Commissioner, David Mackey, was at the scene when violence broke out. He was not injured but is considered by authorities to be “significant witness” to the events.

We will continue to keep you updated as more details emerge.








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