Ahmad Khan Rahami Detained in Custody, Arrested for Saturday Bombing


A suspect has been brought into custody for the Saturday Bombings in Manhattan (NY) and New Jersey. Ahmad Khan Rahami, a 28-year-old naturalized man from Afghanistan was arrested. Law enforcement took him into custody in New Jersey; labeling him as a person of interest in the bombings. The footage released by the AP revealed Rahami was injured and being placed into an ambulance. He seemed to be fully conscious; however, and was moving.

Ahmad Khan Rahami Detained in Custody and wounded

Authorities said he underwent surgery for a wound he received. Rahami took a gunshot to the leg before he was brought into custody, leading some to believe he resisted arrest. The mayor of New York has said, “We have every reason to believe this was an act of terror.” The bomb was a shrapnel-packed pressure cooker bomb like the ones used during the Boston Marathon. The bomb injured 29 people in New York’s Chelsea area. Luckily, none of the injuries were serious.

Did Terrorists Bomb NYC?

There have not been any extremist groups linked to the bombings yet. Both Jersey Shore and New York’s Chelsea areas have been put on lock down. Authorities have labeled Rahami as the main guy in the bombings, but will look for more suspects as well. Apparently, a bar owner in Linden reported a man sleeping in the doorway of his business. When the police came to check out the situation they identified the man as Rahami. Who then pulled a gun and shot the officer. Luckily the officer was wearing a bulletproof vest. After the first shot was fired by Rahami, more officers joined the battle and brought down the terrorist.

One more officer suffered from minor shrapnel injuries and another from high blood pressure because of the event. As the pursuit of Rahami ensued, local authorities released text messages and sent out cellphone alerts to millions of people in the area. They warned the public that Rahami was armed and dangerous and to stay away from him. The alerts worked so well they will be used again in the future to help warn the general public of any threats.

The more investigators uncover and examine the explosions, the more they’re positive it was an act of terrorism. The arrest came after police had positively identified Rahami on a surveillance camera near the explosions. They also positively identified him near the Jersey bombings as well. Apparently, another bomb was set to explode in Manhattan but didn’t detonate.

Stabbing in Minnesota Linked to State of Islam

Did Terrorists Bomb NYCFive more explosive devices were later found in a trash can at an Elizabeth train station. Apparently there was supposed to be another act of terror also.  On Saturday, another man referred to by authorities as Allah, went on a stabbing rampage and injured 9 people before he was shot and killed at a mall in Minnesota. That attack was claimed by ISIS.

There have been no connections made between the Minnesota stabbings or the New York Bombings. These are just two attacks (of many) recently performed by extremist terror groups. Omar Seddiqqi was recently arrested after opening fire at Pulse Nightclub. Pulse was a Gay Nighclub in Orlando were Seddiqqi shot and killed 50 people and wounded 50 more. The attack was claimed by the terrorist group ISIS.

When we will be safe again?