BREAKING: The BIG Reveal In The Last Episode Of Duck Dynasty Is…


It’s the question on every fan’s mind. If you’re a true Duck Dynasty fan, you’ll be wondering this.

Sadie (middle), her dad, Willie, and mom, Korie Robertson have been a central part of Duck Dynasty, but that’s not the case for the show’s finale (source: Charisma News)

The burning question: what is going to happen in the last ever episode of the show?

Well, here are two things we’ve discovered will happen in that final episode, according to Pretty Famous.

Road trip for a special duck call

Willie and Jase Robertson take a road trip with Phil to get something special for Uncle Si (source: A&E)

Brothers Willie and Jase take a road trip with their dad, Phil, to complete a single mission: to get a special duck call.

Why would they be doing this when they can make any kind of duck call in their own factory? It’s not totally clear, but the duck call is reported to be a huge replica specially made for Uncle Si.

Why a special party for Si?

The party to end all parties 

Uncle Si and nephew Willie Robertson (source: Pinterest)

Uncle Si is retiring, so the family threw a party for him. This is the only appropriate response. 

He’s retiring from Duck Commander, but apparently not TV. He’s got a Going Si-ral, a TV about Si’s thoughts of and reactions to the internet, co-hosted with Willie. 

But that’s not the only thing Si will be doing in retirement.

Uncle Si’s alternative career

Uncle Si has hopes to make country music career for himself (source: The University of Louisiana at Monroe)

Si has had a passion for country music for a while, and now he’s taking his country music career more seriously. He’ll be devoting more time to advancing his musical dreams after retiring.

Who can’t wait to see this episode?!

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