3 Little Known Reasons Why Duck Dynasty HAD To End… You’ll Be Surprised


If you haven’t heard yet, you’re very late to the party. The last ever episode of Duck Dynasty will air April 12. And they’re already done filming the show!

The Robertsons enjoy each other as they wrap up the last shots of Duck Dynasty (source: Facebook)

But it may be good that Duck Dynasty is ending. Even though the show broke cable TV and A&E viewership records (11.7 million season four premiere) and has been a very important part of many people’s lives, it may be for the best that it’s been canceled.

Here are three reasons why this could be a good thing…

To benefit the Duck Commander brand

source: Duck Commander

Phil Robertson, a simple hunter and fisherman, built Duck Commander from nothing. He started with one duck call and, with his son Willie’s help, built it into a multi-million-dollar business with several offshoots under the same brand.

Because of the show, the business has grown. There’s now Buck Commander, as well as Duck Commander wine, tires, and tons of trademarked merchandise. 

And now that the show is over, they’ll have more time to commit to and grow the business. Where one show stops another begins…

Growing The Dynasty

photo by theinquisitr.com

Speaking of growing, Jep and Jessica Robertson have their own show, Growing The Dynasty. This will carry on the Robertson name and the Duck Dynasty…er, well, dynasty.

And now that the original Dynasty is ending, Jep and Jessica will have more time to invest into their own show. 

Books, books, books

source: The Gospel Herald

Almost every Robertson has written a book, thanks to the exposure they got from the show. Phil has a book, and Miss Kay has a cookbook. Sadie has a book. Even Uncle Si wrote his own book. They love publishing books!

But think of how much more time they’d have to write books. They could easily write theological or Christian-themed books, and people could benefit a lot from those.

So you see, there are many reasons why it’s good that Duck Dynasty is ending. These are just three.

Can you think of any others? Let us know in the comments!


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